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All over Africa and the rest of the world people are looking at Ghana as an exemplary country whose success in democracy is crucial to the manifestation of what many have termed Africa’s Century. Previous governments have done enough to set the stage for an economic boom buoyed by the new-found oil.

And if Ghana will meet this challenge, she must excel in the area of rule of law. Political affiliations notwithstanding, those charged with maintaining law and order must hold fast to the principles of law, such that citizens and non-citizens alike can pursue their respective dreams in our collective effort to take Ghana to the next level.

Unfortunately Ghana is saddled with a top law enforcement officer who simply does not get it. Not only does Attorney General Betty Mould-Iddrisu redefine the word ‘inept,’ she infuses such emotions as a principled person while all the while harboring a background laden with enough guilt and compromises to make her eligible for jail term herself. NPP-USA is of the opinion that the current attorney General is stinking up the position she occupies, and the president must, with immediate effect, ask for her resignation or risk turning our beloved Ghana into a jungle where the law is all brawn but no brains. Here are our reasons:

1. ATTORNEY GENERAL MOULD-IDDRISU IS ANYTHING BUT A SAINT: She currently owns land that was allocated to her by the government yet she is ready to prosecute others for possessing lands allocated to them by the government. She concocted what proved to be lies about the manner in which she left the Ministry of Justice under the Kufuor administration. She is a chain-smoking husband snatcher who educated her children in private schools in Switzerland and United States on a meager government salary. The “friends” who picked up her children’s expensive tuition at those private schools have never been identified even though there are established links to some beneficiaries of defense contracts at the time when her stolen husband was Minister of Defense.

2. ATTORNEY GENERAL MOULD-IDDRISU LACKS PROPER JUDGMENT: No sooner had she become Attorney General did she tell Law students at Legon that the law profession was wrong for them, and that as Attorney General she can barely make ends meet. For a civil servant who educated her children at private schools in Switzerland and United States, telling these law student that she is barely getting by was not only a lie, but a display of a lack of proper judgment.
Although the Attorney General has the latitude to decide which cases to prosecute, she has displayed a gross deficiency in judgment because of her selection of cases to prosecute. Accused murderer found under a sitting minister’s bed is roaming free, but a radio analyst who repeats a published news report that Rawlings may have set his own house on fire is prosecuted.

A sitting minister who declares “Jihad” on political opponents and an NDC party official who runs her vehicle through a crowd of people are left alone, but opposing party officials who called attention to the vehicular negligence were called to order in a development she was willing to prosecute if it had come to her desk. Past government officials who have been proven to have accepted bribes from Mabey and Johnson while in government are roaming free but others who executed a brilliant Golden Jubilee Celebration that was a global talk shop are being prosecuted.

Tsatsu Tsikata is roaming free after allegedly collecting bribes to the tune of $2 million with another $3 million on the way while advising the president on energy matters, but those who risked their life savings and careers to help bring oil to our nation are being harassed in spite of the Attorney General’s own admission that they broke no laws.

An NDC stalwart Yamoah Ponko was not only accused of sexual harassment by workers he supervised, the accusers played evidence of such harassment on radio. He was never prosecuted. But Lamptey Mills, an award-winning educator, was prosecuted for having consensual sex with an 18-year-old who testified to that effect. The list goes on and on.

3. ATTORNEY GENERAL MOULD-IDDRISU WANTS TO CHEAT THE SYSTEM: She is attempting to “Suarez” the legal process. She cannot score a goal so her plan is to move the goal post closer. In Ghana today when the so-called foot soldiers of the NDC do not have their way, they simply call for the elimination of those preventing them from having their way. If the judiciary was corrupt, it did not become so overnight. That means the Attorney General, upon assuming her position, should have called the nation’s attention to the corrupt judiciary. She failed to do so. It was not until she began to lose a string of badly developed bad cases that even first year law students at Legon knew at the time were bad, that she began to cast the blame of her prosecutorial failures on an all-of-a-sudden corrupt judiciary. Now she wants to replace them with her stooges so that she can win some cases. Ghana cannot afford such a dangerous precedence.

4. ATTORNEY GENERAL MOULD-IDDRISU IS INEPT: Good lawyers are usually tight-lipped about cases they are working on in court. When they use the press, it is usually defense attorneys trying to generate public sympathy for their clients. This Attorney General uses tabloids and paid journalists to disparage her targets in the media with the childish belief that once the public’s impression about those targets has been tainted, it would pave the way for her to win in court. What she fails to realize is that courtroom procedures, which are clearly foreign to her, set the stage for legal skills and talents to prevail over emotions and shouting. As long as this Attorney General continues to prosecute cases drummed up by emotions instead of carefully researched and developed cases; as long as she embarks upon political witch hunting instead of applying the law fairly; and as long as she focuses doing her job rather than saving her job by kowtowing to the radical wing of the NDC, she will continue to be embarrassed in court.

When was the last time anyone heard of a whole Attorney General making a trip to another country to interface not with her equal, but with investigators working on a case that had already been deemed a “wild goose chase” while professional investigators are sitting idly at home? Although the Attorney General used that trip to attend her children’s graduation ceremonies, she still collected her full per diem. Is this the person with the moral authority to order the arrest of an individual who has been set free via a court proceeding? Is this the person with the moral authority to handle the top law enforcement responsibility of a nation as important as Ghana? You be the judge. No wonder she has no iota of respect in the international community. At home, her crass incompetence has degenerated into her being a full time political witch hunter. This makes her the worst Attorney General in our nation’s history. Why she continues to waste space at the Ministry of Justice is beyond comprehension.

Source: NPP USA

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