Peace – A Priceless Substance For Ghana

Peace is a substance that a country can not do without in its interaction within the actors of the country and also its relation with other countries. Peace describes a society or a relationship that is operating harmoniously and without violent conflict. Peace is commonly understood as the absence of hostility, peace also can be associated with individual’s sense about him or herself to be free or “peace of mind”.

Every country needs peace in order for development to take place. For peace to take place there is no need for the particular type of governance or ideology that one must adhere with, the only thing that is concerned most is the people practicing that particular ideology. peace prevail in places that there are the absence of insecurity, social injustice, economic inequality, political and religious radicalism, and acute racism and nationalism.

In a country where the security of the people is not assured, the people tend to defend themselves from the actions of aggressions which may either be internal or external. When this happens, there will be chaos very where in that particular country, and so therefore the only way to build peace in any country is to secure the people and the properties of the state as well as the properties of the individual.

There is the need to be a social justice within the country this is when there fair treatment of the people in the social system. In a country where there no social justice the strong will overcome the weak and the rich will always triumph over the poor in any situation. This injustice in the country can prevent peace from prevailing. The only way to solve this social injustice is by the activeness of the major actors of the state-the government and the individual.

Economic equality is another thing that paves way for peace to prevail, in a country where there is economic equality, the chance of the economic to be stable is very great. Economic equality refers to the situation whereby the small scale and the large scale businesses are all left to operate without market infringement. When both businesses operate freely without troubles, there will be peace always. Economic instability leads to low investment.

Absence of political and religious radicalism within a country can also bring about peace, radicalism – the belief in radical principles or ideas does not help enough for peace to be in a country. One major result of radicalism is catastrophe. when there is a country that its political and religious sphere is countered by radicalism the two spheres will never be successful but rather full of problems such as discrimination, clientelism etc. what every country need to do is to make sure that there is a very friendly interrelationship between the religious bodies and the political institution in other for peace to prevail.

Racism and nationalism is another thing that can limit the operation of peace in a country, talking about peace it does not mean internal peace only but the need for a country to be at peace with other countries, this enable international relations and politics. A country without peace in its internal affairs and also in its international relations leaves a wrong perception of the country in the international scene. 

Peace can be maintained in a country by establishing equal powers among the forces of the country’s economic, political and social institution. Organizations like the United Nations (UN) also maintain international and internal peace by the use of educational programs but most of the internal peace should be the work governments, individuals and other actors and this should be done using educational programs both on televisions and in books or daily news papers and magazines.





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