Kufuor only wanted monumental legacies – Tony Aidoo

The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has hit back at Former President Kufuor, over his rebuttal of the NDC’s claim that his regime attempted to purchase two luxurious presidential jets.

Mr. Kufuor told Citi FM on Monday October 11, that his administration had only put in a bid to purchase a second aircraft later if Government had the means.

But Dr. Tony Aidoo says although Mr. Kufuor is right from the contractual point of view, he cannot run away from fact that there was an intention to acquire two luxurious jets since that was clearly stated in a memo that was presented to Parliament for approval.

“Of course, from the contractual point of view he has a point because there is no valid contract if you have not responded to an offer by giving consideration. On the other hand, he has to take into account that two sets of documents went for parliamentary approval. One set constituted of a memorandum to parliament in which a number of aircrafts was presented for approval. The other document related to the sale and purchase agreement relative to the falcon.

“So clearly, the intention was there and the attempt is also evident by the memo that was presented to parliament and that memo included the airbus. Was the airbus meant as a troop carrier? That is not true taking into account the luxurious nature of the airbus, it was meant to be part of the executive fleet of the presidency.

He said Mr. Kufuor’s claim that manufacturers of the aircraft through the intervention of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, had given Ghana special consideration to acquire the aircraft ahead of the stipulated time, corroborates that intention to purchase an additional aircraft.

Dr. Tony Aidoo questioned why President Kufuor is now coming out with denials and explanations when he had commended Government for taking delivery of the falcon EX-900.

“I don’t think there is any need for him to go into this tirade of rationalization” he said.

Dr. Tony Aidoo said President Kufuor has clearly shown that his style of Governance was one that placed emphasis on monumental legacies rather than pursuing programmes that will improve the socio-economic wellbeing of the populace.

“I am not saying that President Kufuor wanted to cater for himself. But there is something that you must not lose sight of as far as the nature of President Kufuor’s administration is concerned. President Kufuor wanted to leave monumental legacies whether those legacies actually served the national interest in terms of delivering real socio-economic welfare to this country was immaterial. The monumental legacies included the Presidential palace, purchase of executive jets and attempting to dress future presidents with fashions and gold chains and so on” he noted.

Dr. Tony Aidoo further stated that President Kufuor’s reasons for disposing off the Gulfstream aircraft purchased by Ex President Rawlings, after allowing it to rot on the tarmac were unjustified.

“President Kufuor had a political duty and a moral obligation to act in the national interest so even if the plane was second hand plane, at the time of taking office the condition of the plane at that time compared to the time it was disposed off, indicated that there was considerable loss of value. It cannot take you five or seven years to do due diligence on how a place was purchased. This was a clear case of political vindictiveness that characterized his administration” he said.

In response, Minority Spokesperson on Communications Nana Akomea told Citi News the NDC was only twisting the facts of the matter to justify their unwarranted criticisms of the NPP in the past.

He maintains that the second aircraft that the NPP intended to purchase was to carry troops and civilians, and was at the request of the Ghana Armed Forces.

Source: Citifm

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