Majid needs to slow down – JOT

John Osei Tutu Agyemang popularly known as JOT says there is a division in the Ghanaian movie industry.

The movie and media icon is of the view that the division stems from the fact that there are actors who are selective in the type of movies to act and those who have what he describes as the “everybody-has-to-see-you” syndrome.

JOT believes actors such as himself who have been in the business for while “have outgrown the ‘everybody-has-to-see-you’ kind of thing”.

JOT therefore sounded a note of caution to Ghana’s silver screen star Majid saying “I think that if Majid is not careful he will burn out, because he is doing too much.”

JOT who was speaking on the late night Celebrity Show on ETV Monday with fellow actors Ekow Blankson and veteran Fred Amugi, says it is important for young actors to slow down and be selective of the movies they choose to act in.

Ekow Blankson paid a glowing tribute to Shirley Frimpong-Manso for handing him a role in the movie, Checkmate. “I have always wanted to work with Shirley. I have watched her movies and I thought this was a fantastic director” he indicated.

Praising Shirley’s directorial skills, Ekow who plays a drug mogul in Checkmate said “She [Shirley] took it to a different level in my opinion… She knows what she wants and she takes you into the character and shares her opinion on the best way to play a role: For the first time I was sweating on set. I liked that. I really liked that a lot.”

JOT who expressed regret at not being able to play the role given to Ekow as a result of a clash with a new job stated that “Shirley is a genius and there are not many people like that in the country. She ties her films well. She casts her actors well and her story line is absolutely fantastic.”

Fred Amugi was excited about how far the movie industry has come but says he enjoys performing on stage as it makes the actor “alert”. The veteran actor told the host of the programme, Sammy Forson, that the live stage leaves very little room for mistakes.

“You have a live audience and you cannot go wrong. The stage builds you up …and I would wish everyone gets a taste of what the stage feels like”, he added.

Source: JFM


  1. i wnt 2 be ur friend, pls send me ur pcs.


  2. I love the way majid acts,and I don’t care what people have to say about him.I enjoy watching all of is movies,especially (passion of the soul ) keep Doing Your Thing Majid

  3. What the hell is JOT talking about? Who has the “everybody-has-to-see-me” syndrome? Majid Michel? If JOT genuinely had Mr. Michel’s interest at heart he could have passed his advise to him in private. That is what genuine concerned people do, not in front of cameras and microphones. What a shame that our fledgling movie industry should come to this bitching and crab-basket mentality. The industry is large enough to cater to all kinds of niche market producers and audiences alike. There is no need to cast insinuations, pitting one producer/director against others. I was there at the beginning of the industry in 1987/88 and the generation of pioneer actors performed tirelessly to sow the seeds of the industry. It’s been nearly 23 years and a new generation of actors and filmmakers is taking the industry to new heights and creating international stars in the process.

    Is Majid Michel’s rising stardom a bad thing? For someone who took a break from the screen after his initial film debut in “Divine Love” in 2004, to go back to acting school to stretch his range beyond just possessing good looks, does he not have right now to build a considerable portfolio and track record? He is unquestionably one of the best if not the best, and most versatile actor. And we haven’t yet seen the peak of his capabilities yet. In his recent performances you can see him trying out physical action over and beyond dialogue delivery. That is a good thing. What we need are movie directors able to polish the gem with such immense talent. JOT, take a chill pill.

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