Malaika ladies visit Egypt

The Malaika delegates have gone through a number of tasks and trainings which have tremendously enhanced their individual personalities.

They were 16 ladies from the beginning and they all started with the urge of winning but along the line, some of them fell off. Six of them were eliminated from the competition as a result of low votes and poor performance.

Since the car, cash and crown is meant for only one out of the remaining 10 delegates, they are all up on their feet ensuring that they leave nothing unattended to.

The 10 delegates are left to fight for the crown at the grand finale on October 16 but before then, they have had a fascinating trip to Egypt to the land of Cairo for an educative tour to explore the land.

They were also given the opportunity to select among themselves, Miss Congeniality. At the end of the day, they voted Ruqy as Miss Congeniality. According to them, Ruqy deserves it due to her sincere and friendly approach to them in the Malaika house.

The delegate’s visit to Egypt was a very memorable one for them and they’re still fantasizing about it. Their trip wouldn’t have been complete if they had not visited ancient historic tombs and pyramids.

Their adventurous visit exposed them to interesting tourist attraction sites they had only read in books, some of which were the pyramids and the tombs of Egyptian mummies.

The delegates learnt that before the pyramids, people were put in pits dug in the ground where the hot desert sand preserved the body. In about 3,000 B.C, they were put in a flat topped tomb called ‘Mastabus’.

Their journey to Egypt was made successful by kind courtesy of Egypt Air. Even though it was a learning and adventurous experience for them, they also did not miss out on the leisure and pleasure that came along with it.

They confessed that it was memorable and worth repeating. They are back in the country with lots of unforgettable experiences.

The end of the Malaika 2010 journey is fast approaching and the ladies are preparing to mount the stages at the Dome of the Accra International Conference Centre on Saturday, 16th of October 2010. The glamorous Malaika show is the only official intellectual beauty pageant of the year that shouldn’t be missed.

Source: Daily Guide

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