Time Will Tell

I‘ve been up for four days
Because the news from home makes me daze 

Right now all I want is to get my views in print and on the airwaves
To get ahead of the political waves
Because we live in a country full of wolves
With the Politicians milking the system and making waves

Everyone’s looking for ways to make cedis out of fools
Without any life skills or entrepreneurial tools
Politics used to be a dream for our leaders to leave legacies
But it has become a business and an avenue to riches
And a game to win very profitable government’s contracts

In a country where possibility or potential abounds
 How come worldly toys top   our wish lists
 The few cedis we’ve stashed in the banks and the mansions we own choke our brains

Vanity and fantasies can only give us false hopes
 When the disaster comes we’ll be in empty holes

Wondering   what to count on when the old age hits the fan
With nothing to write home about to our fans

With the oil money no one can accurately predict Ghana’s future
So I won’t bank my scarce hope on its future

The sad thing is our youth have no time to read and fortified   mental faculty 
They Google their way around issues to prove their agility
Yet they hardly know no one cares about their frailty
You’re part of the solution
If you pay any attention
You’re part of the problem if you rob   the nation
How do you feel when you sleep at night?
Knowing you should have done   right?
Hope you have something important to count on
When everything is long gone

It makes me wonder when things will be all over
For no one has anything better to offer

Every Ghanaian wants something
For nothing

It’s a shame in the ocean of ideas our leaders are visionless
But they find it easy to panhandle for money with guiltless  

 Our politicians are just looking forward   to enjoying their loots at their expensive homes
With their families and homies
When  the majority us are humming

Remember some have-nots are very hungry
And they have become very angry

Trying to take revenge
Because they know nobody will escape their vengeance

Our youth have no education or  skills but no one cares
What you don’t feel or see matters less
What they eat, wear, drink or smoke is news less 

We have no obligation if we don’t   live in the same shell
Especially if we have no responsibility and inclination to share 

We’ve put a lot of hopes in the oil discovery
To deliver us from all misery

But in a country with so many expectations
And so little positive thinking and creations
There is no room for negotiations
None of us can sleep when the armed robbers strike
Because their skills put many lives    at stake
The policy makers and stakeholders should be awake 
To help the security officers to strike
Time will be the judge in the future’s courtship
Where everyone accounts for his stewardship

Time will tell when the true pictures are developed
To justify how much we were involved.

Time heals every wound
It can also wound every heel.

Kwaku Adu-Gyamfi (VOICE OF REASON)

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