Besieging parliament over STX; open letter to IGP (2)

Recently, there was an incident in America where a father deliberately set-off an air balloon and then called the emergency services that his son was inside the run-away air balloon. Military jets were dispatched to shepherd this balloon until it landed in a filed some distance away. When the balloon was inspected after it had landed, it was found out that there was nobody in it.

The father of the boy who made that emergency call then became the focus of investigation and it was later found out that the man intentionally, for the purpose of gaining popularity in order to secure a contract for a talk-show programme, hid his son in his garage and set-off that balloon. Infact, the man was charged and was made to pay for the total cost of the security operations that was put in-place to ‘rescue’ the boy.

Now, can the police service tell me they can muster the courage to prosecute the father of this boy if such an incident had happen here in Ghana and this father happens to be, let’s say, the chairman of a ruling party? The answer, is quiet obvious when even criminal acts by NDC ‘fooled-soldiers’ cannot be handled by the police. Sampson Abayateye (NDC-MP, Sege) actually stood within the precincts of Police Head-quarters and vehemently defended a criminal act of child-trafficking and the officers present were captured on TV cameras, actually clapping and laughing!!!

I would like to know from the IGP, whether in his wildest dream, can ever imagine a British MP standing within the precincts of Scotland Yard in London and justifying an obnoxious act of child trafficking, while police officers stand-by and laugh?

Sampson Abayateye justified the current massive day-light child trafficking on the basis that his parents allowed him to engage in this same practice in his childhood days, which probably must have been over 50-years ago!!! And here, I expected the police to have simply ‘invited’ the MP to find out how many of his children are currently engaged in fishing expedition of any kind in the waters of Sege.  

I was present at the Indepence Square during one of those senseless NDC/CJA ‘wahala’ ‘keep-fit-exercise’ when the police was pelted with boulders resulting in Dr. K.K. Marfo being hit in the arm. The police was then described as plain thugs, armed robbers, cocaine traffickers and ‘wee’ smokers by these same double-tongued social-democrats who urged on the police, to literally, lay siege at the parliament house to support the STX deal.

A juvenile-delinquent as Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa who had then never had a job before, used to verbally abuse the police hierarchy for the simple reason that they (CJA) had been asked to postpone a date for a demonstration.Kwesi Pratt, who is today singing the praises of the police and actually defending them for besieging parliament house during the STX debate, also used to verbally abuse the police and always dared them to arrest him if they could.

When Kufuor took over as the president of this nation, after almost 20-years of P (NDC) rule, vehicles for the police to enable them undertake official duties were almost non-existent. The entire fleet of the nation’s police vehicles had broken down beyond repair and new ones were also not being procured.

I very well remember those thousands of broken-down police vehicles at their depot just opposite the DVLA offices in Accra. President Kufuor actually had to travel to Nigeria to literally beg president Obasanjo to help us out with those Peugeot cars. Some Tundra Vehicles were also brought in to augment the salon cars to be able to combat the menace of arm-robbery which had become so intensified at the time.

I remember when Kufuor took that step of making sure the police was provided with those vehicles, these same ‘aman boe fo’ (nation wreckers), led by people like Alban Bagbin, Kwesi Pratt and Tony Aidoo, who are today cajoling the police to zoom to parliament in support of STX, were shouting from the roof-tops that Kufuor had breached the constitution for not sending the procurement of those vehicles, first to parliament. Some of their bigoted collaborators were even advocating for the impeachment of Kufuor over this issue.

Here, I must say that it was when Kufuor became the president of this nation that I personally saw, for the very first time, personnel of the police service riding in air-conditioned duty vehicles. I would urge the police service to find out from Bagbin and his cohorts whether their motive for opposing that move by Kufuor to provide vehicles for the service was born out of malice, hatred, jealousy, ignorance, political point-scoring or they simply did not like the police and therefore did not want to see them riding in those air conditioned cars.

If Kufuor was able to do this for the police service, then how dare any of these lying NDC hypocrites and their pathetic political apologists, say NPP does not care about the security services because they are opposing the plain fraud that has been visited on the people of this nation through this illusionist STX deal!!

You see, some hypocrites in this country have come to realized that Ghanaians, by nature, easily forget about incidents. This legendary Ghanaian character is exactly what these pseudo-social democrats have pounced on to continuously throw rocks into the eyes of the citizenry. This NDC people are a group of individuals whose claim to fame has always been in the areas of shrewd perfection in lies, hypocrisy, vilification, intimidation, fraud, thuggery, deception and skullduggery.    

Is the IGP telling the good people of this nation, whose taxes take care of the police, that those personnel who were bused to parliament house and made to undergo that excruciating ordeal of sitting on their bottoms, from early morning till close-to-midnight, during the passage of the STX deal, did not have any other useful duties to perform on that day? Why then, were the ‘kayayes’ also not bused to parliament house since they have also been penciled-down to benefit from this $50,000 a house under this  ‘kweku Ananse’ deal?

As a matter of fact, the chaotic and shameful scene created in parliament on the 3rd August, 2010 by NDC officials and their riff-raff followers, was just a perfect spectacle of that day when a lunatic-murderer called Amartekwei led a group of equally senseless and heavily-drugged individuals to invade the Chamber of Parliament and chased out Honourable Members of the House, during President Hilla Limann’s administration.

Now, Mr.IGP, with this wobbly and extremely jaundiced attitude of the police service, in the face of political office holders, I will not be surprised if pressure is once again brought on you, to deploy personnel to literally besiege the various construction sites, if this STX deal ever sees the light of day, in order to put pressure on contractors to speedily execute the ‘fairy-tale’ houses for the security services.

Finally, Mr. IGP, I hope plans have already been put in-place to ensure that all those police officers who were ‘zombically’ bused to parliament-house and made to undergo that ‘criminal’ ordeal of having to sit idly still for close to 24-hours,against their will, actually benefited from this STX security housing project ‘kuluulu’.

Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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