Ghanaian man finds cure to AIDS

Hakimu Yunus, a Ghanaian Herbalist said he has found the cure to AIDS. Yunus said he discovered the cure to the disease while he was treating a malaria patient.

The Tamale based herbalist said a woman was brought to his small home herbal care center for malaria treatment, he said when he took a close look at the woman, he suspected she had HIV, he said to confirm his suspicion he gave her some of his test herbal medicine to drink and minutes later she started vomiting it out . “She was so small, and looked very weak” added the herbalist.

He said he adviced members of her family to take her to a hospital to have her tested and bring the results back to him.

The woman Yunus said returned to his house a week later crying with a white paper in her hand.

The 74 year old Yunus said he asked the woman what the problem was but she couldn’t talk so he grabbed the paper from her hand and saw that the woman’s test result was positive. Yunus said after this discovery he changed his treating method, he said he mixed a total of 99 local roots and herbs and made the woman take it daily for 3 weeks.

Yunus said after three weeks of treatment, the woman gained weight and was looking much healthier than when she was brought to him, he said based on her response he along with the woman’s family members went to the hospitals to have her tested again, and a week later they received the results and the woman tested negative.

He said he only charged her one goat for his service. The 74 year old said he is not seeking to enrich himself “I don’t care about money, I don’t want to be rich”.



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  2. Incredible, ridiculous, and downright stupid, billions of dollars have been spent on aids reseach and all of a sudden mash a few leafs together and a ghanain has found a cure,,,,,,wake up people,,,,,,,,,do not be taken in by this bullshit,,,,this is the same shit preached by the evangelicals, giving hope where there is none,Aquired Immune
    Deficiency is a multitude of viral infections attacking the body because of a weak immune system a couple of crushed leaves are not going to make it go away.
    Retro -viral drugs are the only known inhibitor.These drugs are available to anyone who can afford to buy them, they will not cure the virus but they will keep you alive.Believing is the bullshit above will kill you if you have aids.

  3. Nana Kofi Brobbbey

    This looks encouraging, but more tests are needed
    to confirm that the prepartion worked against the aids
    virus. Treating only one patient is not enough to prove the medicine worked.
    As a retired nurse, i have come accross patients with HIV some
    of who are waiting to go. Its sad there has not been a complete
    cure for the deadly virus.
    With prayers, maybe on day some one will find a cure.

  4. are you poeple out of your mind? why its african are so gullible? dont believe the hype people read more!

  5. While I believe that herbs can cure many ailments including hiv, cancer etc Western pharmacy companies cannot really put money into R&d for herbs. At times I think they will even discourage for lack of scientific proofs of their efficacy and what is more herbs may compete with chemical drugs in treatments.
    But for my 74 year old MAN look the period for cure is so hurriedly announced without enough time of observation and number of cases treated. For example he treated only one patient who gained weight in three weeks time and quickly announced is cured of AIDS. THIS IS A SCAM

  6. hi everybody this man is lieing ,if is true he should go to KAHT for HIVS person there and cure them too

  7. Come on PEOPLE wake up, God put so many different herbs all over this world, for us to find and be smart enoungh and know which one to use, it says it in the bible, God Bless this Herbalist, why hasn’t anyone find him yet and give him whatever he wants for this receipes, what else can he find a cure for? CANCER?

  8. papa aluta italy bologna


  9. Yes, how can one get in touch with this herbalist?!

  10. How can I get in touch with this herbalist?

  11. This was good.

  12. May you do this to Ugandans too.

    • There is an herbal remedy in Ghana for aids. A wonderful friend has been using this remedy with success for some time. Ghana hospitals have not been Interested in speaking with him or giving him a list of ill patients. He has been curing Ghanains from his home for years. God bless Peter

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