Black Stars Threatens Boycott

A number of players of the Black Stars have threatened to pull out of the team’s Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Sudan in Kumasi on October 10 if outstanding bonuses due them are not settled.

Winning bonuses due the players after the World Cup in South Africa as well as the winning bonuses after the recent Africa Cup of Nations qualifier against Swaziland are still unpaid despite numerous promises from officialdom.

Conservatively, each player is owed $65,000 and the players believe if a radical approach is not embarked upon to retrieve the amount, officials would continue to take them for granted.

“Of course we love our country and cherish the honor of representing Ghana. But what is due us ought to be settled”, a member of the squad told AFRICA SPORTS under the cloak of anonymity.

It is still unclear why the Ministry of Youth and Sports has not paid the outstanding bills of the players since all bonuses are paid by the ministry.

There was an emergency meeting between some members of the FA and officials of the Ministry of Youth and Sports on Tuesday, September 28, to find a lasting solution to the problem.

What appears a major stumbling block is the Ministry’s order to the FA to pay the entire $11 million recently received from FIFA into the Accounts of the state.

The FA is reluctant to do so, rather asking authorization from the Ministry regarding the disbursement of the amount.

While the struggle between the FA and the Ministry rages, the players remain the sufferers as their bonuses remain outstanding.

Several Black Stars players are becoming disenchanted about the team these days. Until recently, all bonuses, allowances and per diems due the players were promptly paid, raising the morale of the team.

This healthy situation largely contributed to the relative successes of the team. It is unclear why the trend is changing to the old rugged ways when players had to shed tears of blood before their bonuses were paid.

As you read this piece, bonuses owed the national under -20 team as well as the women’s under-20 team are unpaid.

Exactly what is happening? Somebody must offer an acceptable explanation.

Source: Africa Sports

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