Sierra Leone Sanctions Lifted by The UN

The U.N. Security Council has lifted it’s 13 year old sanctions against Sierra Leone.

The fifteen member strong council voted 15 to 0 to end the arms and travel embargo it imposed on the West African Nation over a decade ago.

Diplomats said ending the sanctions against Sierra Leone was intended to help development and reconstruction efforts in the country.

British ambassador Mark Lyall-Grant welcomed the lifting of the sanctions, he said the United Kingdom led the campaign to lift the UN sanctions against Sierra Leone. In a statement released by the ambassador, he said “The situation in Sierra Leone continues to improve and the lifting of sanctions is another indicator of that positive trend.” Grant added

Sierra Leone’s economy which is expected to grow by some 4.5 percent this year, will receive a huge boost by the lifting today of the UN embargo.  Experts say the lifting of the sanctions would make the country more inviting to foreign investors.


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