Nigeria Police Vow to Free Kidnapped School Children

Nigerian police said they are doing everything in their power to rescue 15 kidnapped school children. Their school bus was hijacked on Monday by gunmen in the country’s southeastern State of Abia.

The kidnappers issued a statement late tuesday demanding more than $100,000 in ransom.

Assistant commissioner and first public relations officer for the Nigeria national police Emmanuel Ojukwu, Speaking in an interview said he does not believe the children were the target. He said the kidnappers used the children as human shields as police were closing in on them after breaking up an attempted criminal act.

Mr. Ojukwu said the police knows exactly where the kidnapped children are kept and are working to free them unhurt.

Asked whether the Police will use force, Ojukwu refused to elaborate. The police said the nursery and primary school children were abducted while they were being driven to the Abayi International School. President Goodluck Jonathan has reportedly described the kidnapping as “utterly callous and cruel” and promised quick resolution to the crisis.


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