NPP Group to protest against ‘Mills selective justice’

A group of disgruntled supporters of the opposition New Patriotic Party in Tamale, will hit the street on Tuesday September 28, to demonstrate against what it calls the NDC’s selective justice approach in dealing with some disturbances in the Northern Region.

The Northern NPP Youth Group is calling for the release of some NPP sympathizers who were arrested in connection with the February 17, 2009 clash between some members of the NDC and the NPP.

The bloody clash resulted in the death of one person perceived to be an NDC sympathizer.

The NPP Group wants government to bring to book persons who burnt down some 27 houses belonging to NPP sympathizers.

Speaking to Citi News, the Spokesperson for the NPP Youth Group, Abdul Jalid Bawa, said the fight had erupted because NDC sympathizers had vowed to teach their NPP counterparts a lesson after it won the 2008 elections.

Tuesday’s demonstration is against what the NPP Group calls the selective justice practice of the NDC Government. Mr. Bawa says the development is inconsistent with the father-for-all slogan of President Mills.

“The death of this man led to the arrest of five strong sympathizers of the NPP who are still in custody since 17th of February 2009, up to date. And then the burning of the 27 houses belonging to NPP sympathizers, people are moving freely in town. We know that this burning of the houses was done in broad daylight 7am, in the presence of many people. People saw it and can testify in court but up to date nobody has been arrested” he said.

“We are coming to demonstrate to the people of this country, that this is what is happening back in the North that some particular people commit offence they go free whilst others are jailed. The President promised a Better Ghana Agenda and promised to be a father for all and e will not tolerate selective justice but that is what we are seeing in Tamale” said the Group’s Spokesperson.

Source: Citifm

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