Golden Jubilee House should be turned into Museum – Ex-ministers

Two former ministers have renewed the debate on whether President Atta Mills should move into the Jubilee House built by his predecessor as the seat of government.

The former ministers, Messrs Kojo Yankah and Sam Pee Yaley, who served under the Rawlings-led administration, would rather prefer the place turned into a national museum other than the office of the president.

The over-70-million-dollar edifice was built by former President John Kufuor amidst strong criticisms championed by the then opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

Mr Kufuor moved into the House weeks before leaving office, but his successor, John Atta Mills, prefers the Osu Christiansborg Castle, an old slave building used by several of Ghana’s heads of state.

However, they are suggestions the president relocate to the Peduase Lodge near Aburi, several miles from the capital Accra, put up by Ghana’s first President Dr Kwame Nkrumah and refurbished by Mr Kufuor.

The two ministers, in congruence, cited security, traffic congestion and public discomfort as some inconveniences making the place inappropriate for a president.

In separate interviews with Joy FM’s Top Story, the two former ministers advocated that the place be turned into a national museum and a tourism attraction site.

According to Mr Sam Pee Yaley, a lawyer, turning the monument into a museum is “a very important thing I buy”.

“Forget about the politics of who built it or not…it is good for a museum”.

He was of the conviction that relocating the presidency to the Peduase Lodge “will solve the problem than creates another one”.

Mr Yaley feared the location of the Jubilee House sited close to some military installations and foreign missions will “pose great security risk to the president and the people”.

He further stated geographic equipment used by those buildings around could interfere with communications at the presidency, and warned of dire consequences for the nation.

Mr Kojo Yankah, in addition to the security threat, also said the presidency being located far away from Accra would help ease the already choked situation in Accra.

He also spoke against the phenomenon where all national monuments are located at one place – Accra.

He suggested that places like the Supreme Court, Parliament House and the Seat of Government should be distributed over the country to encourage development projects across board.

Mr Yankah reiterated the need to turn the Jubilee House into a museum.

“When you talk about a museum, people say it is demeaning, but we do not have a place where we even have a national history. That place is a good location for a national museum. You can do all kinds of things there to attract tourists and make money out of it.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is currently occupying some offices in the Jubilee House.
Source: Joyonline


  1. My prez, look, thank God that Kuffour came before you to prepare a place for you and it is the will of God, so appreciate him and move to the Jubilee House before you use the presidential plane.

  2. Atta Mills please move to the presidential palace already and stop listening to these hate dwellers. I know the next thing they will say is don’t use the presidential plane.

  3. Attn. President MILLS;
    If in case you want to sell the JUBILEE HO– USE,
    I WILL BUY IT CASH DOWN=$ 70 million.
    Let me know ASAP.
    Gordon Anderson

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