Straighten your daughter – Anyidoho tells Akuffo-Addo

The Communications Director at the Presidency, Koku Anyidoho, has hit back at Nana Akufo-Addo, presidential candidate of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), asking him to ensure that his home is in order by providing proper supervision for his alleged wayward daughter before poking his nose in the affairs of the government.

Nana Addo, at the start of a just-ended two day tour of the Upper West Region, criticized the NDC government for what he says is the lack of direction for the country, alleging that several social intervention programmes started by the Kufuor administration have been rejected by the Mills’-led administration.

The NPP Flagbearer is also reported to have stated that President Mills’ response to a question as to whether he intended to purge the judiciary; was not good enough, and taciturn to say the least.

In his estimation, the President ought to have exacted his authority and spoken clearly on the issue to clear all doubts and reassure the judiciary, emphasize its sanctity and court public trust for the institution.

But in sharp rebuttal, Mr. Koku Anyidoho, who was speaking in an interview with Citi News from China, rather asked the NPP presidential candidate to think of how best to halt his daughter’s drinking spree.

She was recently reported to have rammed her car into that of the Governor of the Central Bank, whiles driving under the influence of alcohol.

“Has Nana Akufo-Addo spoken about his daughter? His daughter is on record to have gotten herself highly drunk and run into the vehicle of the Governor of the Central Bank. Has Nana Addo spoken about it? When we all went to Kindergarten, we learnt how to count from one before we got to ten. Has he spoken about his daughter and how he is incapable as it were of managing his home?…What else does he want President Mills to say? I thought President Mills spoke when he came back from his break in the US. When the President was asked about the judiciary, he made an emphatic statement. Precision is what marks a man out and not loquaciousness,” he angrily stated.

Mr. Anyidoho, who described president Mills as a man of his word and very discerning, added that the President will as a matter of principle, never interfere in the affairs of the country’s judiciary.

“Priority is the mark of a good leader so Nana Addo should deal with his domestic problems and before talking about national issues,” he said.

It’s not about a long winding talk, so brevity is the mark of a leader and let Nana Addo deal with his domestic problems before wanting to get onto the national stage,” he stated.

Source: Peacefm


  1. We should not forget that Nana still have it a duty to counsel his daugther, she is part and parcel of her. The shame of crocodile is the shame of alligator. But Koku, this is just a family matter. Do you want to say your family has no flaws? We want mature politics. Let all politicians behave and take after prez Mills’ manners

  2. Nana Addo’s daughter is an adult and any decision she makes is up to her.
    Traditionally,Mr.Anyidoho, you would oder your daughter to marry a specific man but in the Akan tradition that’s forbiden.
    Don’t involve domestic issues with politics.

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