NDC must cancel “Kufuor jet” contract – Kofi Wayo

The founder and Leader of the United Renaissance Party Charles Kofi Wayo has rekindled the debate over the purchase of a new Presidential Jet for Ghana, with a call on the Mills led government to abrogate the contract if possible.

Mr. Wayo however advised government to call off the ceremony to outdoor the jet if it insists on keeping it. The jet was due to arrive on Thursday, September 23, but was eventually postponed indefinitely due to its late arrival.

Kofi Wayo, who in the past joined the NDC to criticize Mr. John Kufuor’s plans to purchase jet, says it is equally wrong and immoral for the NDC to repeat Kufuor’s mistakes and justify it.

“When Rawlings wanted to buy a plane, I was with the NPP and myself including Kufuor and J.H. Mensah were making so much noise, but not knowing none of them was sincere except me, because the NPP came to power and ordered the jet. Now NDC comes and that contract has been signed, but there is no contract in the World which you cannot get out of if you are sincere.

“People have no water to drink and in so many places there are no toilets and you are telling me the priority of this Ghana is to buy a jet? He queried.

“So if it was bad for Rawlings to buy a plane, it was also bad for Kufuor to buy a plane. It was bad for Rawlings to buy it, but when Kufuor came, it became good to buy it and you are telling people to vote for you based on what you told them, and you don’t feel guilty and still goes to church hoping God will favour you” he said.

Mr. Kofi Wayo told Citi News he trusts the sincerity of President Mills and his Vice John Mahama, (who he hinted was not in support of the idea to purchase a jet) to rethink the decision.

“The Vice President is more principled and fears God and he was embarrassed when they were going to buy the plane. So I am asking the Minister of Defence to withdraw the celebration for the plane to show some fear of God and respect the people of Ghana that we worked against this jet yesterday so it’s equally bad today.

“It is morally wrong and we shouldn’t justify it now just because NDC is in power. It’s a misplaced priority.

Commissioning the jet is just like slapping the people in the face so they should just receive it quietly and save us our pain for Christ’s sake. Atta Mills is a very deeply religious man and he knows that people are suffering so why should he slap Ghanaians in the face by receiving a jet and popping champagne to celebrate it?” he asked.

Kofi Wayo whose party is in alliance with the NDC noted that the Mills led government has many good people who are determined to place Ghana in a better position.

He however said the government ignorantly succumbs to pressures from the IMF, World Bank and other partners whose activities he said rather deepen the woes of developing countries.

Source: Citifmonline

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