McDonalds to open stores in Ghana

McDonalds, the world’s largest chain of restaurants serving more than 58 million customers daily is considering opening up branches in Ghana by early 2011. Seth El, a US-based Ghanaian businessman, who disclosed this to the Business Guide newspaper in an interview, stated that McDonalds would open its restaurant initially at some popular places in Accra such as the Kotoka International Airport (KIA), Osu, Spintex road and the Accra Mall.

More of its branches would also spring up in a lot of the country’s cities later. The largest operator of McDonalds restaurants in Chicago, USA, one Canady is spearheading the move with some Ghanaian entrepreneurs resident in USA and UK. “We are also looking for a group of Ghanaian entrepreneurs who will partner Mr. Canady to run the business in Ghana as a joint venture,” Mr. El stated. McDonalds primarily sells hamburgers, cheeseburgers, chicken products, French fries, breakfast items, soft drinks, shakes and desserts.

In response to obesity trends in Western nations and in the face of criticism over its products, the company has modified its menu to include alternatives considered healthier such as salads, wraps and fruits. The business began in 1940 with a restaurant opened by brothers Richard and Maurice McDonald in San Bernardino, California.
Source: Business Guide


  1. Get out of here with that nonsense!

  2. are they recruiting staffs and who is responsible.

  3. please Lord,,,, don't let me down!


  5. I’m a Ghanaian entrepreneur who’s highly interested in a joint venture with McDonalds in Ghana. I have been in the restaurant business for about Fifteen years. And I know this amazing opportunity will work wonders in Ghana.
    I would like a detailed information on how to apply for this opportunity, and the full package including terms and conditions. There are about three new malls coming up in Accra, and i hope to here from you soonest, so we can start working towards getting in.
    Thank you.

  6. I am a retired American liviing in Sunyani, Ghana, a city of about 80,000, 400 kilometers north of Accra. Cannot wait for one to be here, also would like to apply for employment. I am a retired cost account from Bethlehem Steel Corporation, now married to a Ghanaian lady. This is wonderful news. You would make a fortune here in Ghana. The all love American fast food, but no one comes to do business.

  7. we do’nt need that Mcdonalds in our beloved land, selling the junk food to our youths, better to stick to our wholesome foods, this company is racist in its attitudes, and employ’s too many white faces.Support local restaurants.

    mc donalds not welcome ever.

  8. i would love to work work with McDonalds in ghana, but i presently reside in Nigeria. I have over 4years experience as a restaurant manager.

  9. burgerking is better

  10. we are still waiting… McDonalds isnt here yet bt KFC is.. so when is it coming?????

  11. I was expecting Mcdonalds in the country for the past 10yrs but heard nothing, i hope they come soon cos cant wait to taste their doughnut!


  13. Please tell me more about it. Let me know if i have possibilities to work there.Am in Italy i work with McDonald’s.

  14. Please provide information on Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana. I am in Ghana and interested in a Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana.

  15. Please provide information on Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana. I am Ghana and interested in a Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana. Thank you.

  16. My Ghanaian partners would be interested to discuss a joint venture for Mcdonalds establishments and would welcome to receive your proposals.

  17. Hey! I can’t wait any more. Mac Dee hurry and come!

  18. We’re already halfway through 2011 and there’s still no sign of a Mcdonalds anywhere in ghana! What is happening?

  19. I think this is a good idea and a good move for Mikidees. Give more americans as well as Ghanians a chance to Venture out and move to another country through work.

  20. Please provide information on Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana. I am in the US and interested in a Mcdonalds Franchise in Ghana.
    DMS Inc
    620 East Diamond ave, Suite #J Gaithersburg md. 20878

  21. This is great news! The Ghanaian Market is a very good place to do business.Finally we get to go to McDonalds in Ghana and not only see them on tv. Can’t wait for the opening of the various outlets

  22. Please can I have the details of the McDonalds franchise in Ghana? Thanks in advance.

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