Rawlings, Mills, have ‘stolen’ state lands – MP

A member of the opposition New Patriotic Party and Member of Parliament for Manhyia, Mathew Opoku Prempeh, has alleged that President Mills, Attorney General Betty Mould Iddrisu, IGP Paul Tawiah Quaye, ex President Rawlings and other members of the ruling NDC government have all illegally acquired state lands.

Speaking on Citi FM’s Saturday talk show’the Big Issue’ Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh described the decision by the ruling NDC government to retrieve ‘stolen’ state lands acquired by members of the erstwhile Kufour administration as politics of “vindictiveness, jealousy and small mindedness”.

The National Security Coordinator, Col. Anthony Larry Gbevlo-Lartey (rtd), on Monday September 13, said he is battle-ready to ensure that state properties are properly safeguarded in the supreme interest of the people of Ghana.

Col. Gbevlo-Lartey said that all state lands which have found their way into private hands without legal basis and authorization would be retrieved and put into proper use for the benefit of the whole nation.

However, Dr Mathew Opoku Prempeh in response said members of the opposition NPP who acquired state lands under the Kufour administration did so through legal means. He alleged that he has evidence to prove that several big wigs of the ruling government including ex President Jerry John Rawlings and President John Mills have acquired state lands illegally.

“All this I will claim with all certainty are politics of vindictiveness, politics of envy, politics of hatred, politics of jealousy, politics of small mindedness…when we say those who have taken state property, do you know how many state properties were sold to NDC cronies, 378…go to North Legon Betty Mould Iddrisu and Co. they have government lands that were given to them, go to Adjiringano Prof Twumasi, Seth Kwao, they all have lands there, His Excellency Jerry John Rawlings has a house at Adjiringano, it was a government land he didn’t buy it from any Chief”. He said.

“When this government came into power one of the largest (tract) of land was given to Togbe Afede, opposite the Beach road near the Castle to develop the World Trade Centre, whether it was sold or allocated that place is a government land. He took the investors to see President Mills why? They claim they are building a better Ghana that is why President Mills has a land at TDC in Tema, I can take you there. He recently went to weed the place because it had overgrown. The current IGP I hear is building at Shiashie maybe it is not true but I will verify”

He also alleged that the current Chairman of the Lands Commission Nii Oko Dzane and other Supreme Court judges have been given state lands for personal use.

“The current chairman of the Lands Commission, he owns NDK Financial his land that his office was on, go and ask where he got it from. This hypocrisy is not good for governance. They talk about the Chief Justice, she has worked as civil servant for 30 years, the impunity, listen every Supreme Court judge has got a government land, they were given a government plot of land, I don’t know about the last three Judges who were just confirmed, let them come and tell us they didn’t give them”.

According to Mathew Opoku Prempeh it is the policy of the ruling government to use government lands to entice investors into the country.

Meanwhile the Chairman of the Lands Commission, Nii Oko Dzane has dismissed the allegation by the Manhyia MP.

Nii Oko Dzane who phoned into the discussion said his company was built on a family land acquired somewhere in 1993. He stated categorically that none of the lands on which NDK financial offices have been built belongs to government.

“The NDK office land doesn’t belong to government; this is a family land that we bought many years ago which we have developed. We bought it from the Dowuona family long ago in 1993 whereabouts”.

Source: Citifm

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  1. Ok now when I read articles like this from the mother land I get all boiled up, it drives me so crazy. Come on now people, elders or how should I call them; political leaders of Ghana are you for real? The country and the citizens are looking up to you for guidance and economical strategies to improve their lives so they voted you into power for stability and their well-being and all that you do is to steal property that does not belong to you but the citizen and their children for a better tomorrow…come on now; my goodness are you political leaders serious or you are playing with the ignorance of the people.We the people are not that niave you know. When you promise the people, you adhere to that promise, but dont lie and come into power and steal from the people and the lands that we the people wish it could be used to build something better for the nation and its improvements; like roads and other infrastructure that will put the nation on the world map of economic and political prosperity and security respectively. There is alot of work to be done for a crying nation who is 53 years of age but had not yet experience civilisation in a 21 century, but been constantly robbed and manhandled by disappionting political leaders who are of a small group of greedy citizens. Stop stealing from your own home for when it crushes or thumble down, you will crush with it and your children will never forgive you even when you die and gone . You are satisfying yourself and the countries security is in jeopardy and worse of all the economy is so poor, people are hardly making it anyway. Stop being a disgrace to us and to the entire world who are watching.Wake up people and confront your politicians to do the work you voted them into power for. They have all the right to reply to your concerns and grievances;dont be afraid of them.Remember when they were confronting you for your vote how humble they were, let them work for that vote they got from you. Ghanaians you werent born to be poor or cheated on for the rest of your lives. Face them with all the questions you have and ask why they are not delevering the promises they put forward when they needed your vote.
    Its sad that a country like Ghana keeps going back because of the greed of literate politicians. I mean all of you NPP, CPP,NDC(the worse of them all) kkk, etc and all the fake new ones out there.Stop stealing our lands it does not belong to you it belong to the state of Ghana PLEASE.

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