The contents of Alban Bagbin’s bin-bag (2)

The minority, again, held a press conference on 5th September, 2010 to reiterate their grave concerns about the non-viability of the STX housing deal. This is because after NDC’s rail-rolling of the deal through parliament a little over a month ago, it is still clearly evident that all is not well. And this comes in the wake of the current report that it is now that negotiations are being undertaken with some chiefs for the release of parcels of land for the projects to take-off.

Now,listenening to Bagbin’s reaction on most radio stations following the second press conference by the minority on the STX housing deal, he went off-tangent as usual, and engaged in verbal circumlocution. He made the argument that somewhere in 2001 or there about, the NPP administration made the attempt to secure a $1billion loan.Now, the logic of Bagbin is that, NPP wanted to contract that quantum of loan even when we had not discovered oil. Therefore, the NPP has no justification to question the ability of the nation to contract a $10billion loan now that Ghana has become the Saudi Arabia of Africa by way of crude oil exploitation!!!

So, in the thinking of Bagbin, Ghana can comfortably embark on senseless borrowing and spending spree for the simple reason that we have discovered oil? The vice president says all Ghanaians are going to enjoy free medical care, from cradle to grave, because we have discovered oil.Kwesi Pratt says all our nation’s economic ‘wahala’ shall be a thing of the past, the moment first drop of oil starts to flow. In the thinking of these property-grabbing-Champaign-socialists, the oil find which they initially scorned, has now become the panacea to all our decades of economic woes? 

All this is happening simply because, Ghana today, is being run like an aircraft that is on auto-pilot. Hence, any idiot under the umbrella can just get up from a drug-induced stupor and start shooting from any angle of the mouth.

The president is obviously not in control of affairs as a result of an incapacitation of some kind and very critical decisions are therefore being taken over his head. If this was not the case, then how could Alban Bagbin tell parliament that the president had asked for the STX deal to be withdrawn for proper work to be done on the contract details, only to turn round and tell us later that the decocument was not withdrawn from parliament, in the first place?
There have been lot of speculations about the health of Atta-Mills but his handlers are always quick to jump to the throat of anyone who dares talk about it in the open. But, I personally believe that these people around the president are not being fair to the good people of this nation. And my reason is simply this; the people of this nation voted for a leader to come and put in place pragmatic measures that will bring about positive results in their economic well-being.

But unfortunately, Ghana has rather been ‘blessed’ with the kind of a leader who seems to act only after he has been brought under pressure by either party fooled-soldiers or top party officials seeking ministerial positions. And I certainly do not expect any keen observer of the nature and timing of the president’s appointments, to doubt this.

In my candid opinion, it is this inability of the president to stand on his feet, look into the faces of his party officials and call their bluff, is what gave birth to Bagbin as a minister of state. It is clear to most critical observers that people within the NDC are probably aware that the president is highly deficient in some aspects with the delivery of his official duties for a reason that is, for now, being kept away from the citizenry. And for this reason, the president can be blackmailed into dishing out ministerial positions to people, the moment he (president) comes under verbal attack by any of his party officials.

Indeed, Ghana, is in critical need of very sincere people in our governance since that decisive,energetic,visionary and dynamic leadership eluded us the moment Atta-Mills was sworned-in as president. If Atta-Mills was really in control, he definitely would not have appointed Bagbin as a minister just after he (Bagbin) had described him (Atta-Mills) as surrounding himself with incompetent and hostile people.Bagbin, by that assertion, was invariably saying the president was indecisive. Why then has Bagbin, literally, pass through fire to push through a programme of an indecisive president?

Bagbin has been in parliament since 1993, or there about, and his personal fortune has certainly raisen astronomically. But, just go to Nadowli and see how grinding poverty is ravaging his constituents. Any wonder sisters-in-law are being dished out to self-styled practicing Roman Catholics for ‘acrobatic-bedmatics’, so that there could be an equitable distribution of these massively accumulated political riches amongst constituents?!!!! 

Conscientious citizens of this nation, who possibly care about sleeping places for our security services, much more than Alban Bagbin does, are raising very legitimate issues about this STX ‘kweku Ananse’ deal. It is therefore incumbent on the minister, who is being paid by the taxpayer, to accord Ghanaians the due respect by telling us about steps government has taken to iron-out the discrepancies existing in the contract, anytime he gets the opportunity.

But unfortunately, during a press conference on 27th July, 2010 he was circumlocuting all over the place and engaging in name-calling, invectives and senseless ‘bagbinfoonery’ by describing the NPP’s opposition to the STX Korea housing deal as “naked jealousy”(The Chronicle,28/7/10 front page)

In the said Chronicle publication,Bagbin said “some NPP-MP’s were among the delegation, led by vice president John Mahama, to Abu-Dhabi to see practical examples of how a similar project was implemented by STX and further assess its capacity and quality of work”. Therefore, he sees no reason why these same MP’s should turn round and criticize the deal.

Here, my question to Alban Bagbin is this; was the contract documents, as was first placed before parliament, also made available to these MP’s on their visit to Abu Dhabi? The fact that these MP’s went to see some physical structures and other computer generated images is enough for them to append their signatures to such a stinking ‘konom tea’ STX deal?

Alban Bagbin said the minority do not want anything good for the nation and that they (opposition) are opposing the deal out of sheer jealousy. But I remember this very same Bagbin leading the then opposition out of parliament, just as kindergarten kids do at break-time, when the Vodafone deal, HIPC, Talk-Time-Tax, Jubilee House, NHIS and so on, were tabled before parliament.

Now, did Bagbin lead the opposition to march out of parliament, like kindergarten-kids, because they were simply irresponsible, jealous and also, did not want anything good for the nation?

This picture of a derelict police building somewhere in Takoradi which has suddenly become a senseless propaganda tool in the NDC hypocritic-arsenal for pushing through the bogus STX deal, must have been in that state of total disrepair even during the 19-years of P (NDC), under which Alban Bagbin and Atta-Mills, who are today shedding crocodile-tears for the services, were very prominent.

I am therefore at a lost as to how these same people can turn round and shamelessly capitalize on accommodation plight of the security services, after these same greedy bastards have individually been putting up heavenly mansions, just within 6-months of being in office.

John Abdulai Jinapor once displayed, on Metro TV, this dilapidated police quarters at Takoradi to buttress his point as to how necessary it is to build houses for the security services. And here I would ask John Abdulai Jinapor to do us a favour by displaying the picture of his newly built multi-billion cedi mansion alongside that of this dilapidated police quarters in Takoradi, the next time he gets the chance to do. Then, Ghanaians will be the best judges as to whether these property-grabbing social-democrats really have any idea about sincererity.

And here, I would urge Bagbin to, also, calculate the quantum of ex-gratia he has accumulated over the years as a parliamentarian, unlimited access to ‘adufudze’ (freebies) as a minister of state and simply contrast it with the amount of money needed to put that Takoradi police quarters in-shape. And I can bet on my last pesewa that monies needed to put that police quarters in shape will pale into absolute insignificance when compared with Bagbin’s current wealth. Isn’t the hypocrisy and deceitful acumen of these NDC people simple awesome?!!!

Simply put, the press conference by Alban Bagbin on 27th July, 2010 and his recent pronouncements in response to issues raised by the NPP in respect of the STX deal are nothing, but, pure exhibition of insipid-stunt. And this behaviour is what I will fittingly describe as Bagbin, simply, pulling garbage out of his bin-bag!!!
Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei   

E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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