Pres. Mills calls for responsible journalism

The President, John Evans Atta Mills has urged media practitioners to be responsible in the execution of their duty. According to him, press freedom without the accompanying conscientiousness will only spell doom for any country.

The President made the remarks on Tuesday, September 14, when members of the National Media Commission called on him at the Castle, Osu.

The President emphasized the importance of truthfulness in the practice of journalism. He bemoaned the phenomenon where stories are concocted with the aim of soiling people’s reputation.

“I want all media people to realize that never compromise on the case, I will never marginalize the media, it doesn’t help, and it hampers productivity. My only plea is that lets respect the truth and let’s also be very careful about our language.
Language can either build or destroy. My emphasis is not on freedom it is on responsibility. I don’t mind when people criticize me…you need somebody to point out things to you so criticism is very important but not insults”.

The Chairman of the National Media Commission, Ambassador Kabral Blay-Amihere also assured the President that his outfit will do all it can in its power to ensure that responsible journalism is practiced.

“…the only way to guarantee a free press is to be a responsible press and I want to assure the president, the government ant the people of Ghana that it is our pledge to ensure responsible journalism”.

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