Nana Addo unfazed by Cape Coast incident

Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, Flag-bearer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), has said he has faith in the people of Cape Coast though his entourage was ignored in the coastal town during their Aboakyere festival recently.

He said the unfortunate incident would not in anyway discourage him in the pursuit of a political career and that he would visit Cape Coast and its environs anytime he was invited.

Nana Addo said these at a thank you tour of some parts of Tarkwa on Thursday.

He said though the incident is unfortunate, it would not affect his personal affection for the chiefs and people of Cape Coast.

He said the NPP would soon launch its strategies for the 2012 elections and this would help the party to work and achieve electoral victory in 2012.

According to him, the roles played by the various individuals before, during and after the August 7 primaries of the party were a clear manifestation of the genuine desire of Ghanaians for the NPP to serve the nation again in 2012.

Nana Addo said the NPP will continue to promote peace and unity among the various camps of the individuals who contested and the experiences and expertise of all would be tapped for the best interest of the party.

He therefore appealed to supporters of the party to work as a unified body, avoid confrontations but rather adopt non-violent means in resolving political differences.

At the palace of Osagyefo Kwamena Enimil, Paramount chief of Wassa Fiase, the Chief advised the NPP to use peace and dialogue to resolves difference and avoid the use of inflammatory language during campaigns should aim at offering alternative suggestions for the good of the country.

Source: GNA

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  1. NPP government, I love everything you did for a dying nation and adopted a system that embrassed what the outside world calls progress in a dying world. Its a challenging world outside of Ghana, that it takes serious balls of a government of a country(NPP government) like Ghana, the size of Maryland state in the U.S.A., to be the star of an African continent. There is alot to be done for this nation, that under normal circumstances Ghana is so not ready for more than two (2) political parties, to stand for elections. We need the knowledge of every body small or big alike to contribute to make Ghana strong economically, in its security, and education (especially science) to move the country forward. So when a political party is in power there should be contributions from everyone to help that party in power to succeed. But not in a case whereby the party in power is so lawless, highly uneducated and basically have no idea how to manage an office let alone a small country like Ghana with a population of 20million. As some of the musicians say “travel and see”. Its a competitive world out there and every body lifts high their flag; do you know why? because they are proud of what their country (forefathers, fathers of today and citizen have died to create) has accomplished so they are not shy to lift that flag and say they are from so so and so country. Lift the Ghanaian flag and tell me what the country has accomplished, what has been your contribution to the country and its development. If you are able to answer that question then you are a proud Ghanaian and the world will respect you. Remember its not about you or what goes into your stomach for the day, its what you will enjoy from years to come or the sacrifice that was made by you for the next generation. If you know the history of the United State, Europe, the Asians and Islamic country you will know that prosperity was not build in a day. There was alot of sacrifice and I mean painful ones too, before today these countries are able to call themselves DEVELOPED NATIONS and after 53 years since Ghana’s independence GHANA IS STILL CALLED UNDER DEVELOPED. Ok now take the flag of Ghana and tell the world you are a proud GHANAIAN.

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