Rawlings boys form new political party

Disgruntled members of the ruling National Democratic Congress, who have formed a new political party, have blamed the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister Kwadwo Nyamekye Marfo for their action.

The National Coordinator of the newly-launched RDPP, Raphael Cubagee, a former Brong Ahafo Regional executive member of the NDC, told ‘The Big Issue’ on Citi FM on Saturday September 11 that he and other NDC members are constantly victimized because of their support for Mr. Jerry John Rawlings.

He said Mr. Kwadwo Marfo and the party’s Regional Chairman are among those scheming to oust Mr. Rawlings from the NDC, thus victimizing those who believe in his ideologies and principles. Mr. Cubagee however indicted that the Rawlingses are not linked to the formation of the party.

“My father was a victim of the revolution in 1979 and 81, yet I have since voted for Rawlings and Atta Mills and I am going to vote for whoever Mr. Rawlings believes in. Why is it that some of us who stood in the scorching sun protecting the ballot boxes and going around campaigning, are now criminals because we believe in Jerry Rawlings.  Proverbs 17:13 says whoever repays good with evil, will never get evil out of his house. The man that we believe in is being treated as a common criminal in his own house. Where were they when Mr. Rawlings was jailed because he was fighting for the interest of Ghana?” he queried.

“I am not saying my party is for Jerry Rawlings. Our party is being formed on the ideology of Jerry Rawlings. The Former President can decide that he is not part of our party, and we know very well that he can’t be part of our party because he is a Founder of the NDC. But even if he goes to Court that nobody should form a party on his ideology, we will still go ahead and form the party. Unless, those bad and greedy individuals within the NDC in the Brong Ahafo change their minds towards the ideologies that we follow” he cautioned.

Mr. Cubagee said the Regional Minister was presiding over all forms of illegalities that were tarnishing the image of the party. He said he had video and audio evidences to buttress his claims.

“Let me mention one. Kojo Nyamekye Maafo, the Regional Minister is one. He has covered the truth with lies. Otuahene, the Regional Chairman is one and almost all the DCEs with the exception of some people that I won’t mention because they will be victimized and sacked from office. Some people are making government ungovernable. I am not saying those people should be removed. Kojo Nyamekye Marfo is a good friend but I dislike him for only one thing. Whoever that covers the truth is not a God-fearing person. His attitude and conduct should be changed” he said.

Mr. Cubagee said it was better for him to leave the party regardless of his loyalty to Mr. Rawlings, than to stay and cause havoc or even lose his life.
“Do you want me to be in the party to be hitting the road and vandalizing property and lives in the interest of Jerry Rawlings, the man that owns the NDC?  I will rather back out and have my party so that we broaden his ideologies. People are killing us softly and you are saying I am not loyal. Should I be in the NDC because of Jerry Rawlings for me to be murdered?

Mr. Cubagee, who recently filed for a floating status to leave the NDC, said the RDPP had the support of the masses both home and abroad, who believe in their ideologies. The RDPP’s Motto is: “Together We Build; Together We Enjoy” with a camel as its symbol. Mr. Cubagee who could not indicate how soon the party will be registered, noted that they will be vying for the 2012 elections, with a focus to win some parliamentary seats as a starter.

However, Mr. Justice Samuel Adjei, the NDC’s Brong Ahafo Regional Secretary, has rubbished the allegations that there are machinations against Mr. Rawlings and his followers. He said Mr. Cubagee who failed in his quest to be elected a Constituency Chairman and took the party to court, is only seeking to be popular.

“The party is intact in the Region and it is not true that some of our members have joined any new party. “Raphael Cubagee is some person who wants to become popular. He had an issue with the Traditional Council in our area and he was banned from Sunyani. The same person went through an election process to become the Sunyani East Constituency Chairman which he failed and took the party to court and lost. He also had an issue with the Municipal Assembly of which he is a member and he has been suspended indefinitely. So psychologically he is suffering from exclusion that’s why he is creating problems for himself and the former first family”. I can tell you that no discerning member of the NDC will join his new party” he sated.

In response, a Deputy General Secretary and Spokesperson for Mr. Rawlings told Citi FM, that the Ex-President was not going to be part of any new party. He however said the party must take steps to engage the disgruntled group rather than condemn their action completely.

Source: citifm

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