The contents of Alban Bagbin’s bin-bag (1)

Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin,once again, has been shooting from the hip, like nobody’s business, following the second press conference held on 5th September,2010 by the opposition (NPP) to expose the inherent ‘kululus’ of the STX-GOG housing deal.

And rather strangely, as I monitor the media these days, I have come to realize how some sections of our security agencies are falling over one another to shower praises on the Minister for Works, Housing and Water resources, as if he is going to pay for these ‘Kweku Ananse’ houses for them with monies from his own pockets. Eeebeeeiii!!! our security services, also, now being caught up in this sycophantic-web?

It has become fashionable these days for our brothers and sisters in uniform, to organize parades and other functions just to eulogize the STX-shrewdness of Bagbin and to thank him for his enormous level of ‘sensitivity’ towards the accommodation for the security services.

In any civilized society, it will be absolutely unheard of for the head of the police service to organize a parade in honour of a minister because they have been promised some accommodation. Can you just imagine, for example, the Chief Constable (head of British police) organizing a parade at the New Scotland Yard (headquarters of British police) in honour of a secretary of state because of a promise of some imaginary accommodation?
Do the fishermen of this country also organize a festival of ‘fane fante’ (boiled fresh fish) and ‘gari’ consumption at the beaches of Elmina in honour of the Agric minister on the day the suede-pre-mix-fuel, that has now become so scarce in the fishing communities, starts flowing on the market?

And must we send gifts to the newly American-delivered baby girl of Zita Okai Koi if she ever succeeds in making our domestic tourist centres attractive enough for our ‘modest’ and ‘I care for you’ president to spend his annual holidays here at home instead of travelling to America to boost their economy with hard-currency from our ‘korshiorkor’ ecomini?

Because of our instinctive desire to prostrate before political office holders in order to be in their good-books, it has now become fashionable for even our security services, who have been trained to be independent minded, to engage in praise singing just like some ‘mobrowas’(down-trodden) like us.

Here, I would like to ask the security services, especially the police, and the good people of this nation, to simply cast their minds back to the spectacle of that sea of broken-down police vehicles, parked, just opposite the DVLA headquarters in Accra.

This was one of the legacies bequeathed to the people of this nation in the year 2000, after 20-years of unsurpassed economic-misery imposed on us by the combined evil forces of PNDC, NDC-1 and NDC-2.Kufuor actually had to travel to Nigeria to literally beg for those Peugeot cars for then totally crippled police service, after just 6-months of taking office!!

Atta-Mills, Alban Bagbin and about 99.9% of these greedy bastards around the president were all part of that shameful legacy of bringing our security services to its knees by way of total neglect. But the point is; Ghanaians have very short memories and this is what these nation-wreckers have capitalized on, to smuggle their way back into power to come and throw rocks into our eyes, once again.

I have always maintained the belief that the prime motive of most Africans, and in this case Ghanaians of the P (NDC) lineage, to enter politics is simply to improve their economic and social status. The interest of the citizenry and overall advancement of the nation certainly do not matter to these people.

Now, for a nation to progress, it takes a leader who is focused, visionary and able to take decisions and make sure he is able to convince the citizenry to understand and buy into his ideas and vision. This leader must be able to surround himself with true patriots who sincerely believe in his agenda for the nation. He must be courageous enough to point out the short-comings of his appointees, reprimand them when necessary and let the hammer fall whenever the occasion demands. This leader must not use the past-mistakes of others to justify current corrupt, incompetent and immoral acts of his appointees.

I have heard some officials within both the NPP and NDC, saying there have been disabled people serving as cabinet ministers in the developed countries and it is therefore not a big-deal, if Atta-Mills is currently battling with some health problems to the extent where he is believed to be incapable of reading government agreements and other official documents.

I would have agreed with this assertion if we were that ‘civilized’ as these developed nations. But, with the kind of sheer greed, plain thievery, political prostitution, hypocrisy and frightening levels of incompetence within the corridors of power today, is a clear manifestation that our nation definitely cannot go anywhere under the stewardship of a physically infirmed leader. The reason why Ghana may never have a president who is below the age of fifty is that our mindset seems to suggest that someone who has not attained the age of sixty and above, is not matured enough to be a president.

Again, Ghanaians tend to see timidity as humility and extremely vindictive people who continuously mention the name of God as pious ‘asomdwee hene’ individuals. Confident people are seen as arrogant. And as a result of this, vacillation, therefore, has become the most shinning virtue under the current administration. This kind of mindset is what has bequeathed Atta-Mills to the people of Ghana. And as how, when and where Ghanaians got this mindset from is a puzzle I have constantly been scratching my head over!!!

So, at times I tend not to be so ‘disappointed’ with the performance of the president. And my reason is simple; the president is only a product of our own imprudence in making a decision as critical as choosing someone to come and shape our destiny for the period of four years.

We sit in this country and fantasize about the youthful, charismatic and energetic attributes of Barrack Obama.

As a matter of fact; we actually coughed out over 10 billion cedis from our totally ‘empty’ national kitty, to organize a welcome party for him when he visited us. But the truth is, Obama, who is today president of the most powerful and wealthiest nation on earth, would have been told by these political-acrobats here at home, to wait for his turn because octogenarians who have been plugged from lecture halls and their hands raised, North Korean style, in Swedru are ahead of him!!!

Now, the reason why Obama could become the president of the most powerful nation on earth and David Blanket (a completely blind man) could become a cabinet minister in Britain under Anthony Linton Blair (Tony Blair) premiership, is the simple fact that systems in these nations are spotlessly functional and highly efficient.

So, a blind person could be the political head alright but there is a system which is of national character, but not geared towards pleasing party foot-soldiers, in place to see to it that programmes are properly executed for the advancement of the entire citizenry.

On the other hand, can you imagine what would be happening at, let’s say, the ministry of Youth and Sports, here in Ghana, if a blind person were to be made a minister of that ministry? Even relatively youthful persons as Mallam Issah and Alhaji Muntaka Mubarak were made minced-meat of, and they left the place with their respective public images in total tatters!!!A harmless Ekua Sena Dansua was nearly thorn into shreds by irate NDC fooled-soldiers at a press conference, recently.
Appointments in these developed nations are therefore done, purely, on merits and not because an individual has subjected a sitting president to very caustic verbal attacks as happened in the case of Bagbin.

It is for this reason that I still consider the appointment of Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, as a minister of state by Atta-Mills, an extremely worry-some and highly inappropriate occurrence since this gives credence to the notion that all that one needs to have, to be appointed a minister under the current administration, is to have acidic-buccal-cavity, caustic-lips and unsurpassed exhibition of arrogance, and that, competence has actually been thrown out of Atta-Mills’ professorial lexicon!!
By Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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