Tony Aidoo fires back at the Church

The Head of Policy Monitoring and Evaluation at the Presidency, Dr. Tony Aidoo has fired back at Christians who describe his comments about speaking in tongues as derogatory to the Christian faith.

Dr. Tony Aidoo incurred the wrath of a section of the Ghanaian Christian community when he said during a radio interview that Christians who speak in tongues are mad.

A group calling itself the People’s independent Movement on Wednesday, September, 8 called on President Mills and the leadership of the NDC to impress on the former Defence Minister to either withdraw the comment or have the NDC dissociate itself from the perceived slanderous comment.

According to the group, the statement, viewed by many as highly offensive to Christians, has very bad implications for the NDC’s political fortunes and has the propensity of adversely affecting the party’s fortunes in the 2012 general elections.

In response to this call, Dr. Tony Aidoo told Citi FM’s Shamimma Muslim that it was obvious members of the group calling for a retraction are not intelligent enough.

“Apparently, this Nana Addo Aikins and the group he represents have very limited intellect; otherwise the implications of making that statement would have dawned on them.” He said.

Dr. Tony Aidoo contended that his statement was directly lifted from the Bible, the same book the group is seeking to protect.

“To the extent that they want me to retract the statement, the implication then is that they will expunge from the Bible, the whole book of testimony given by the Apostle Paul, especially in Corinthians Book 1. The whole of that would have to be expunged and taken out of the Bible because that is the source of the faith of tongue speakers and in that particular book the Apostle Paul himself stated emphatically that those who speak tongues among yourself and there is some among you who do not understand or who are unbelievers, the reasonable question they would ask is: are you not crazy? I was not the first person to use or pose that question.”

Dr. Tony Aidoo charged his critics to rather work at rewriting the Bible instead of calling on him to retract his statement because it was a mere repetition of what Apostle Paul said in the book of 1st Corinthians.

“It is very contradictory for people to say that we get the inspiration for our faith from this section of the Bible and then say that within the context of the scriptures as presented by Apostle Paul in reference to their style of worship, it amounts to a derogatory statement for which the person repeating what Apostle Paul said must apologise, then they have to rewrite the Bible then. If they want to rewrite the Bible, they can go ahead and rewrite the Bible,” he retorted.

Source: Citifm

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