Rebtel releases statistics on communication habits of Ghanaians in the US

Rebtel is a Swedish-based company that provides cheap mobile calls abroad. At the moment Rebtel is focusing a lot on Africa, and has recently released some interesting facts on the calling habits of Ghanaians in the US.

It is hard to estimate, but an educated guess is that between 10-20% of Ghana’s population lives abroad. This means that Ghanaians living abroad are a perfect target group for Rebtel, and almost all traffic Rebtel sends to Ghana is from the US.

“Rebtel’s customers are mostly second generation immigrants and students living abroad, that call their families and friends in their home country,” says Operational Controller Mikael Rosengren.

In early 2010, the Govt. in Ghana introduced a new law which imposed tax on inbound international calls, despite the imposition of tax on international calls by Ghana’s government, Rebtel still provides  cheap calls to Ghana. “Traffic to Ghana has also increased with 121% last year, which is very good if you consider the new tax on international calls,” says Rosengren.

Almost all calls are made to mobile phone and, as expected, Sunday is the most popular day for Ghanaians to call their homeland.

Top origin states in USA calling to Ghana:
3.New Jersey
4.New York (City)

The average call a Ghanaian makes using Rebtel lasts 6.31 minutes.
The FIFA World Cup was bad business for Rebtel: during a game where Ghana was involved, the traffic dropped by 95%.

“The big question for us is why the big populations of Ghanaians living in the UK and Canada don’t use our service,” says Mikael. “Our popularity in the US is thanks to our low rates combined with the most reliable and best connections. We will now focus a lot on reaching Ghanaians in the UK and Canada, it will be very interesting to see if we can reach them. “

Rebtel was founded 2006 in Stockholm as a cheap alternative to expensive operators and calling cards, and has been ranked No.1 in international calling by Technology Appraisals. They have become well known for having no monthly fees, no hidden costs, no connection fees. You use your own mobile phone to call, and anyone may make a free test call before setting up an account.

“Ghana is one of our most important destinations,” says Mikael Rosengren at Rebtel, “and we are very happy that our service is so appreciated by the Ghanaians living abroad.“

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