Politics of revenge must stop – Nduom

The 2008 Convention People’s Party presidential candidate Dr. Paa Kwesi Nduom has criticized the two main political parties, NDC and NPP, for what he calls their involvement in “Politics of revenge”.

Dr. Nduom told Eyewitness News on Citi FM on Tuesday September 7, that the practice where both parties decide to punish each other at all cost by repeating an act of one another in the past is unhealthy for the country’s growth.

“This culture of revenge must stop. You did it so I will do it to you. These things appear to have become normal and we now see nothing wrong with it, but we must find a way to put an end to it.  Somebody did it to an NDC person in 2008 so I must do same to an NPP person in 2010, why?”

Dr. Nduom’s comments come in the wake of a recent incident at the Oguaa Festival in Cape Coast where Nana Akufo-Addo, Flagbearer of the Opposition NPP was sidelined at the event by President Mills and his entourage and the Traditional Authorities.

Apparently, a similar incident had occurred in 2008 at the same event, where President Mills then a Candidate of the NDC in opposition and his followers were heckled and ignored.

Dr. Nduom said it was most unfortunate that the NDC and NPP have chosen to turn every event and issue into a conflict. He however blamed Ghanaians for opting for the NDC ahead of the CPP, which he said could have assured a peaceful country without polarization.

“Unfortunately there is a trend where everything or event that is happening in this country quickly deteriorates into an NPP/NDC conflict and this is not healthy for us as a country considering where we aspire to be and it is becoming more divisive”.

“In 2008, we told Ghanaians that if you want peace to sleep well, there is an alternative between the NDC and NPP which was the CPP but the people made a choice and chose the NDC. It is not for me to say what we have but the experience demonstrates this sort of conflict, political football; call it whatever it is that we are still engaged in and struggling with today” he said.

Dr. Nduom said he was personally victimized at the event in 2008, describing it as nasty. Against this background, he charged the Oguaa Traditional Authorities not to allow governments of the day to dictate how a festival of such importance should be organized since their integrity suffer in the end.

“Our authorities should plan better not just to receive our donations but to make everyone welcome and help made our country a united one. If this event had happened in Kumasi, there was no way the Otumfuor would have allowed this to happen, especially for the second time” he noted.

Dr. Nduom urged politicians to appreciate the fact that “festivals, funerals weddings and other social gatherings are just that-social gatherings’.”“They must not use these occasions to divide our people. Specifically, the NDC and the NPP must not be allowed to turn our traditional festivals into arenas for divisive political football,” he cautioned.

He also condemned attacks on the Police Service by political parties especially in the case of the violence in the Atiwa by-election. Dr. Nduom said the very people who must be blamed for electoral malpractices are the Political parties’ leadership who often fail to counsel their followers to remain calm.

Dr. Nduom also condemned the incident where Nana Akufo-Addo was prevented from speaking on GBC’s Volta Star Radio in Ho apparently because then Candidate Mills in the past was also disallowed a similar request. Another case he describes as “unnecessary case of Politics of revenge”.

Source: CitiFM

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