Say: I Am Sorry, Dr. Tony Aidoo

It is believed that mummy is mostly at the receiving end when daddy is provoked by his boss, likewise children are at the receiving point when mummy is provoked by daddy and may be the dog receives it also from the children. I was listening to my favorite Alhaji and Alhaji on radio gold when Tony Aidoo dropped the bomb. Claiming that, only mad people speak in tongues. Immediately, he made this assertion, I just told myself, this will breed problem. Surely it has been in the news for quiet a good time which I think is fitting.

As Mfantis will put it, the faribayi of the whole case was the comment purported to have been made by Rev. Bishop Asante Antwi at the thanksgiving service of Nana Addo. My namesake explained at length how the bishop has disguised himself till now, which I think most of us were not aware. However, doctor seemed to have been gassed with emotions which subsequently lead him to that unfortunate assertion. Listening carefully, it will be noted that Doctor veered from the topic to launch his venoms at some Christians possibly having in mind those who have been giving him sleepless night within his vicinity. No matter what, I am personally convinced that the Doctor released bad air in public.

Again, I also listened to his defense later on Radio gold. Surely, Doctor tried to explain it away but that also demonstrated that he has been outside the church for long. But that does not guarantee the fact that what he said is derogative. Well, others like Kwesi Pratt have tried to subtly run away from the reality that the comment wasn’t the best one by appealing to the fact that Tony Aidoo has the right to express his view. Yes, he has but rights are exercised responsively. The exercise of one’s right surely ought to be within the confines of promoting peace and goodness within the country. However, I don’t think this comment has even contributed pinch of peace and goodness.

On the other hand, bitter leaves are difficult to eat but it tastes nice afterwards. I really can’t rubbish the full content of what the learned doctor said. Surely, some of us Christians are becoming public nuisance as far as noise is concerned. Children within certain localities can’t study, likewise other inhabitants can’t rest, can’t listen to any other thing apart from the noise of clanging cymbals, drums and screaming pastors. Really, I have no problem with people singing, dancing, praying and preaching but can’t it be done with less noise – being sensitive to others who are within the vicinity? Surely holiness without sensitivity is wickedness; we can’t grow holy if we are not sensitive, not only to the people within the church but those outside.

Doctor, even though your comment reflects a disturbing reality within our Ghanaian society, it also offends some innocent groups and individuals. And for this, I am convinced they deserve your apology. Remember, not all who speak tongues make noise and not all who make noise speak tongues. Just say: I am Sorry Tony!

Joe Tony
bezanku@yahoo. com


  1. Dr.Tony Aidoo is not a serious man.I wonder why such men qualify as politicians in Ghana.May god help us, how can those who pray in tongues be described as mad.Was his Ph.D in Theology or what?

  2. Akoa yi de3, oy3 kase o! I am talking about the 666-incarnated beast called AIDsOO. Wo agyeme, agyeme, agyeme. Herrr, s33 oy3 kasea saa. I mean, I havent seen a man born of a woman who is as stupid as this so called Dr. Toni AIDsOO. If he doesnt fear God to this extent?
    If this man is not sacked, 2 things will happen; he will perish by 31 Dec. 2010. It is a decree! AMEN & AMEN.

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