NDC: We Would Win Election 2012 By “Hook Or Crook”

The Deputy National Propaganda Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress has sent out a strong message to the opposition New Patriotic Party that the NDC would win the 2012 elections by “hook or crook”.

Speaking on Citi FM, September 4, Madam Ladi Ayamba said President Mills and his administration are on top of affairs and she is confident that the party will do everything possible to ensure that they retain power in 2012. “Notwithstanding everything that has been has been said, I know the NDC is on top of affairs and I know that 2012 no matter what the NDC is going to continue to rule this country and Professor John Atta Mills would continue to be the President by hook or crook”

Madam Ayamba was however persuaded to withdraw her comments of winning power in 2012 by hook or crook by the host of the show. She also charged foot soldiers and members of the NDC to halt the internal conflict adding that such things can affect the chances of the NDC in the 2012 elections.

Discussing recent agitations by NDC loyalists in the Karaga district over the nomination of the party Constituency Secretary, Hussein Issah Sulemana to succeed dismissed Abdulai Sandow as the District Chief Executive, Madam Ayamba condemned such agitations by foot soldiers saying anyone elected to a position by President Mills must be supported by party members.

“The NDC has a structure and if anyone has a problem the person should pass through the right channel. There is no need raising arms because the only thibg we are doing to ourselves as NDC is arming the NPP with things that they can easily say that we cannot respond…I want to plead with my brothers in Karaga to stop all these things”.

According to Madam Ayamba the NPP should not be deceived by the criticisms of members of the NDC to imagine that they can capitalize on that and win the 2012 elections.

“As for 2012 the NPP should forget it, they should forget it; we are not going to rest on our oars they should forget about what they are listening to. They are using cases like former President Rawlings says this, former President did this they have forgotten that he is the founder of the NDC? If for nothing at all you better be a slave in your own party when you are in power rather than people like the NPP come and heckle and jostle you around”.

Meanwhile Abu Jinapor an aide to the flagbearer of the NPP, Nana Addo and also a panelist on the show said through the abysmal performance of President Mills the people of Ghana would return the NPP to power in 2012.

He said recent happenings in Atiwa during a by-election was a clear indication that the NDC was losing grounds and added that the NPP led by Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo would send a message of hope to Ghanaians and through that would return to power. 
Source: Citifmonline

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  1. By Hook or Crook, really really..yes that is what Ghanaian politician like the NDC government are known for; being CROOKS. Ok the words came from the horses own mouth, believe me I did not say that ,its the Deputy Secretary of the NDC who just said it. It is a shame to here a dying party(NDC) distinquishing her self in that manner. The country is in a war peril and the Deputy National Propaganda Secretary makes such a comment. Ok! some of the Ghanaians who voted you in power are tearing their clothes and swearing the day they were born just voting you in power and you believe from what they have experienced over your tenure in office will FOOLISHLY do the same mistake again? Ok I know Ghanaians were insane for voting the NDC into power although they experienced 20 years of under development of a nation under their governance, but wow! I will live to see such a thing happening again; when Ghanaians really do vote the ruling party(NDC) again into power. The rest of the African continent will finally conclude that Ghanaians are with no doubt sick and literary blind. Remember Ghanaians when your country is in ruins believe me there is no other country on the African continent that will take you in, so be mindful and keep your home (country) in good order FOR YOUR CHILDREN; FOR YOUR CHILDREN. They are the life blood of the nation not the greedy old men who do not give a HOOK OR CROOK about the nation.

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