55 NDC footsoldiers defect to NPP

Some youth who identified themselves as foot-soldiers of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the Nabdam Constituency in the Upper East region, have defected to the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

The youth, numbering 55, were received into the party by the chairman of the constituency council of elders, Thomas Kparibo, at a Short ceremony at Nangodi in the Talensi-Nabdam district.

The leader of the group, Solomon Ditamina, told DAILY GUIDE .that their action is a response to the continuous dishonesty of the party elders in the constituency over the years, as well as the Member’of Parliament (MP) for the area, Moses Asaga, who they claim to have worked hard to maintain in Parliament all this years.

They accused the MP of abandoning them and staying in Accra and Bol-gatanga at his spare, time, only to return to the constituency when election was approaching to deceive and lure them to campaign and vote for him.

“Master, we have been doing most of the dirty work for the party in this constituency, and yet after the election no one has time for us and does not even fulfill their promises of getting us jobs. The MP knows the work we do for him, and yet does not care about our welfare. Most of us are not working and life is very difficult for us and our families, who we always convince to vote for Moses Asaga and the NDC presidential candidate during elections,” Solomon stressed.

According to him, most communities in the constituency are not connected to the national grid, except a few-houses along the main road which were connected to the national grid in 1998 but during the general elections, the people were deceived that they would be connected to the national grid if the MP was maintained in Parliament.

“Most of us have been following the development in the New Patriotic Party, and have come to the realization that Nana Akufo Addo is an action man and will fulfil his promises. Even if we don’t benefit personally and our communities do, we will be happy. We are aware that other MPs are helping their constituencies with facilities, including teachers’ accommodation and social centers, which our MP has provided none, all this while he has been representing us in Parliament.”

The chairman of the council of elders assured the NDC foot-soldiers that they have been accepted and would be treated with the same respect that is accorded old members of the party.

He urged them to work hard to ensure that the NPP wins the Parliamentary seat as well as the presidential election come 2012.

Source: Daily Guide

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