A declaration of ‘judicial-genocide’ (2)

There is this talk that the president has somehow sought to distance himself from Kwabena Adjei’s dim-witted pronouncements and reiterated his faith in the judiciary so the issue must be allowed to die.

Here, my question to those advancing such an argument is simply this; will any president ever come out to publicly tell the nation when some members within his party are habouring any ill-intentions against members of the judiciary? Who says an issue must be allowed to die just because Atta-Mills has spoken? Is Atta-Mills a Czar, Monarch or an Arabian king whose words have now become ‘fatwa’ which no citizen can talk about?!!!!

I really do not believe in this assertion that Atta-Mills has spoken on an issue so therefore we must all keep mute. And it was not even long after people started asking Ghanaians to keep quiet, before the now notoriously sycophantic-league of NDC chairmen struck with their usual declaration of support for their party chairman.

This is the same group that rushed to the Castle, with the speed of light, to pledge their unflinching support to Atta-Mills when Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings shook her body small in the studios of Joy Fm about the negligence of Atta-Mills to accommodate Rawlings and his family following that mysterious boom-junction inferno.

Does that mean the only function of this group of NDC chairmen is to rush to some category of their party officials and pledge support even when these officials have engaged in clear case of misbehaviour? The fooled-soldiers of NDC are on rampage all over the place and these NDC chairmen have decided to turn a blind-eye but are rather rushing to the defense of their benefactors at the slightest opportunity?

The latest move by the Attorney General against the proprietor of Great Lamptey School is an act that I will befittingly describe with a famous Fante adage that says; ‘se oko fon woa, nna ato wo akekakeka’ to wit, when you are on the verge of loosing a fight, then you resort to indiscriminate biting of your opponent.

Again there is this Fante adage that says; ‘se sotor tum woa,nna ato wo atasetase’, to wit, when you are given a hefty slap in the face, you end up becoming dazed and therefore resort to picking unidentified objects from the ground to throw at the attacker.

Effectively, the Attorney General, urged on by the lawless elements within the NDC and their own collective senseless campaign promises to jail NPP officials, is rushing to the courts with cases that even a day-old Law student can clearly see cannot stand the law courts.

As a result, they are loosing all their cases and have therefore resorted to going after people who have no case to answer in the law courts and charging them with cork-and-bull offenses and ordering the closure of educational institutions with no just course!!! How can an individual be arrested and charged for rape when the said victim in the whole affair is vehemently challenging the charges preferred against the perpetrator?

The victim involved in the case actually became what is referred to in the legal parlance as a hostile witness which ultimately resulted in the demise of all the charges preferred against the ‘accused’. And this situation could have been easily avoided if proper preparatory work had been done before going to ‘capture’ Nii Lamptey-Mills. If the A-G is going to behave this way, as a result of senseless ‘judiciary-cleansing’ gibberish by NDC officials, then none of us is safe from arbitrary arrest, trial, jail-term and total incarceration under the current ‘I care for you’ administration.

And did I hear Nana Oye Lither praising the A-G for such a disastrous shameful move? This Oye Lither was all over the place about the incident of 44 Ghanaians being massacred in Gambia and how the Kufuor government was not doing anything about it. The then foreign minister, Nana Ado Dankwa Akufo-Addo, after all his efforts in getting the matter resolved, was constantly insulted by NDC bigots. They actually turned such an unfortunate incident into a senseless campaign noise making when they barely understand the complexities of foreign relations.

Some block-heads within the NDC said Captain Yahaya Jameh (president of Gambia) was not cooperating at the time, and actually went ahead to advocate for military aggression against Gambia as a solution to the problem. Now, the party to which her husband belongs comes to power and she has suddenly developed a verbal-constipation about the issue.

If this woman was not engaging in pure politics with the Gambia murder issue, then why have we not heard from her after Atta-Mills had gone for that blood-money for only 5 out of the 44 people Nana Oye Lithur said were killed in the Gambia?

Now, after Kwabena Adjei had come under hailstones of tongue-lashing from the public, he tried in vain, to put a different interpretation to his careless pronouncements about the judiciary.

But just when people were yet to properly digest the ‘King James Version’ of Kwabena Adjei’s effusions, as he sought to throw rocks into the eyes of the decent people of this nation, Okudzato-Ablakwah was firing on all cylinders with his trade-mark ‘ablakwanomic’ gibberish. His first ever ‘ablakwanomic’ gibberish was that genetically-modified 1.6 million jobs that even Enoch Teye Mensah (the oversight minister) does not know anything about!!!!

Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwah was on 19th August,2010 edition of Joy Fm morning show programme castigating the NPP while dodging the propensity of NDC’s unquenchable thirst for the blood of members of the judiciary. He tried to justify Kwabena Adjei’s recklessness by saying there has been a point in our nation’s history where a pronouncement of “no courts” was made.

But, what this juvenile-delinquent Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwah tends to forget is that Atta-Mills who has given him his first ever job, campaigned on “change” which has turned out to be a complete fiasco.

Now, for the tutelage of Okudzato-Ablakwah, it is perfectly lawful for an employer to refuse to work with an employee even if the law courts determine that he (employer) does so. All what the employer has to do is to calculate whatever financial entitlements due to the dismissed employee, settle it in full and he (employer) will be breaking no law!!!

Therefore, the question every discerning person is now asking is; would Kwabena Adjei have made those treasonable pronouncements if Kojo Mpiani and Yves Wereko-Brobbey had been thrown into jail?

The Kufuor government which these adults and juvenile delinquents so much reviled bequeathed to Ghanaians; water expansion projects throughout the country, NHIS, free anti-natal care, national youth employment programme (NYEP), capitation grant, School feeding programme, free busing of school children and livelihood empowerment against poverty (LEAP).

These delinquents described those who share the ideals of the NPP, at the time, as praise singers masquerading as journalists, and I would be glad to know how they see the current surge of champaign-socialist, led by Kwesi Pratt, who are presently cocooning themselves in the studios of Radio Gold and continuously singing praises of Atta-Mills to the high heavens?!
By Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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