Nana Addo hits ground running

Even before the Electoral Commission officially opens the flood gates for the commencement of political campaigning for the 2012 general elections, the New Patriotic Party’s Presidential candidate for the 2012 general elections, Nana Akufo-Addo has hit the ground running, pulling massive support across the country.

A confident looking Nana Addo said he was optimistic that considering how badly President Mills is performing as leader of the country, coupled with the current political atmosphere in Ghana today, he is convinced that President Mills and the NDC would reign for only one term.

“Ghanaians have today seen that President Mills and his NDC party have no good policies and programmes that can help move our country forward, and from all indications the Ghanaian electorate will show them the way out in 2012,” he said.

He continued that “given how close the results of the 2008 elections were between me and then candidate Mills, the slightest shift in public opinion will mean victory for me and the NPP in 2012.

“I am happy with the unity that continues to exist in the NPP even after our presidential primaries and I know that it will continue like this, to ensure that our party wins the votes of the great majority of the Ghanaian ‘people in 2012.” He added.

He was responding to questions from a section of the media in Takoradi after paying a visit to the Takoradi Market Circle to meet the traders, some residents and party members. Nana Akufo-Addo noted that the NDC’s unimpressive record in government would play a major role in the upcoming 2012 general election, and this he said would affect to a great extent the electoral fortunes of the NDC.

He added that “the NPP, under President Kufuor demonstrated to all Ghanaians quality leadership that brought substantial growth, development and improvement to Ghana and the Ghanaian people. Today, the difference is clear.”

He continued that “the dynamics and circumstances of the 2012 general election would be different from that of 2008.

The NDC, which is now the incumbent government would have to defend their bad performance against the NPP’s myriad of achievements that we left behind, and from what I see, everywhere I go, our party people are battle ready to face the NDC in 2012.”

Earlier in the day, at the Tarkoradi market Circle, the presence of Nana Akufo-Addo, in the company of Hon. Kobby Otchere Darko-Mensah, MP for Takoradi, Hon. Paapa Owusu Ankomah, MP for Sekondi, Hon. Joe Ghartey, MP for Essikado Ketan and the Western Regional executives of the NPP, threw the market into a jubilant mood as hundreds of people, some clad in NPP paraphernalia cheered Nana Akufo-Addo on, amidst brass band music, singing and dancing.

For over two hours, commercial activities came to a haIt as Nana Akufo-Addo walked through the market to exchange greetings with some traders, drivers and residents, and to thank the market women for their continuous support for him and the NPP.

“I am confident that the energy and morale in our party today, particularly at the grassroots, will transform into votes for that great victory of 2012,” he noted. He concluded that “the greater battle of winning 2012 is ahead of us and what I can say to you is that it is our party and country that calls all of us to duty. It is a common enterprise and I plead with all to come on board to ensure that we win in 2012.”

Source: The Chronicle

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  1. No worries, the NPP will definitely win hands down by 2012. We just have to work hard, and pray to God for the sake of our country, and for our children. We should hit the issues, and leave Rawlings alone.

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