Ghana ranked number 1 for internet speed

Ghana has been ranked number one in Africa for Internet speeds, thanks to Vodafone Ghana’s launch of its 4MB speed capacity, which is West Africa’s fastest consumer Internet cafés broadband package.

Aside being ranked number one in Africa, Ghana has also moved from the 176th position, globally, to 52nd for downloads and 11th for uploads, according to, an independent global broadband speed test analyzer, powered by Ookla the global leader in broad­ band speed testing and web-based network diagnostic applications.

Ookla’s test engines and methodologies set the global, broadband industry’s standards for popularity ease of use and the development of relevant statistical data. Ookla services almost every Internet Service Provider in the world and its solutions are used by thousands of small businesses and Fortune 500 companies such as Cisco, Comcast, Nokia, Reuters, Speakeasy, Time Warner Cable and Vonage.

According the speed test records, Vodafone Ghana is also ranked number one in Ghana for Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Vodafone’s average download, based on tests by its customers is 2.26Mbps which is more than double Vodafone’s nearest competitor.

The launch of Vodafone’s 4MB speed capacity provides customers anywhere in the country with 4-31 times faster home broadband services: compared to existing speeds, thus allowing super fast streaming/downloading of movies, Internet browsing, video calls and instant music downloads.

“The new packages are in line with Vodafone’s strategy to deliver high speed broadband services to customers, at the same time, reducing the cost of set up” said Marc Norris, Head of Consumer Fixed, Vodafone Ghana in an interview.

In a related development, Vodafone Ghana has launched the most simplified and less complicated roaming rates for its customers travelling outside Ghana.

With the new roaming arrangement by Vodafone Ghana, customers will pay a flat rate depending on which zone they travel to without the worry of varying tariffs.

Vodafone has divided the world into six zones, each of which has a respective flat tariff for making calls, receiving calls and sending text messages. This arrangement gives customers the confidence of knowing what they are paying for and when.

Roaming with Vodafone or partner network (Vodafone World), customers travelling outside Ghana would save up to 90 percent on their call and text message rates.

Source: Daily Guide

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