Essien Retires From International Football

Michael Essien is putting his Ghana career on hold to concentrate on club matters after his return from his long term injury.

The Chelsea midfielder is back playing again after picking up a knee injury on Ghana duty at the Nations Cup in January and has played the full length of both Chelsea’s official games this season.

But reports say he has decided to concentrate on club matters in the meantime effectively ruling him out of Ghana’s opening Nations Cup qualifier against Swaziland in September.

Essien reportedly said: “I think I will be taking a break. Not retiring, just not playing all the time. I have to take the right decision for myself.

“I don’t know whether they will be disappointed because they have done fine without me.”

Rumours of Essien’s intentions to put his international career on hold began circulating last weekend. has learnt from close associates of the player that he is grossly unhappy with the attention he got from the country’s football authorities during his long term injury.

That though will not stop the certain backlash that will follow if the reports are confirmed especially for a player whose commitment has been questioned by his critics.

Only this week Ghana coach Milovan Rajevac had said he was looking forward to the player’s return.

“Michael is still an important component of this side, he is a special player,” Rajevac told “Essien brings a special dimension to this team. We are looking forward in having him back with us.”

Essien has 51 caps for Ghana and has represented the country at every level except for the Olympics.

Source: KickOff


  1. guys, u are forgetting that he sustained that injury on Ghanaian duty which put him out for a whole year!! do u know who paid for his fitness training and physicians? Chelsea, just incase u were wondering, even though he couldn’t do anything for the club for the whole year. Ghana will be fine, its a personal decision for him and I don’t think its disrespect or disloyal to Ghana. He is a professional, and he understands his responsibility to his club after they have been there for him and treated him well during injury on ghanaian duty. Please, let the kid be and don’t question his loyalty.

  2. Essien is same as all the other football stars who now in to money. Lets face it this guys are all from poor familys and then God help them to be good footballers, so when they start to earn good money then they loose that respect for the country because they got money than people who can advice them, and therefore they make decisions and nobody can tell them anything because after all they are rich man from a poor family. So i am not surprice that Essin is taken this decision. Who can tell him now, nobody not even Atta Mills because he has more money than him. Good luck to him Essien one day he will realise that he is a Ghanaian and he will be sorry. We have bigger players than him before.

  3. Mr. Essien really needs a break; he has over paid his dues. What he is trying to say is “please, please! Allow me to make some money so I can (100%) help up and coming young once. so that the black star would be better without me”.
    My dear Ghanaians; I think the professionals that have neglected the country are within the building construction and civil engineers. Talk-less, the so call Journalists (some) what a shame.

  4. Leave Esien, let him go, who is esien when he was playing liberty now ghanaians has made him proud so he can do what he likes, Esien sham shame onto you.

  5. why essien, why are you forgetting your mother ghana very soon, remember your mother land ghana and turn back to her dont neglect the country you love and brougth up there, ghana needs you more than anything, dont listen to anybody to make a terrible mistake you cna’t correct it later, but always remember chelsea can forget you one day but your mother ghana will always welcome you dont look at the money to say no to ghana because you know ghana before enland essein redraw your decision before is too late

  6. Ohh essien, you are turning your back on your country for chelsea, one day they will treat u bad and u will come to hearts of oak

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