A declaration of ‘Judicial-Genocide’ (1)

There is this popular Fante adage that says; ‘asem a onnye dew no, wonnfa nnko ahenfie’, to wit; one does not have to take a bad complaint to the chief’s palace for arbitration.

Before the Europeans landed on our shores with their form of governance and other ways of live, we Africans, had a well acceptable way of dealing with conflicts and petty-squabbles alike.

But as we progressed as a people, we decided to accept modern ways of doing things in order to be accepted into the comity of nations. It is through these transformational changes that we came to accept the concept of participatory democracy as a way of governance. This democracy is built solely on the foundation of rule of law. And with this rule of law comes the judiciary. You break-down the foundation of democracy, and you will be left with ‘akaka ben sem’ (mob-rule).

We tend to deride the intelligence of our illiterate fore-fathers because they had no access to things like computers, 4-wheel drives, multi-billion mansions, doctorate degrees and foreign bank accounts bulging with looted state funds. We tend to describe them as laid-back because they were not going about making senseless pronouncements after smoking, drinking and sniffing all kinds of things.

Today, we consider ourselves as learned and civilized but tend to behave as stone-age people when it comes to decency. We tend to throw-about our emaciated and heavily drugged body frames because the constitution has put our party into government. We tend to display our heavily cigarettes-smoke-stained teethes to woo young women because easy money is flying all over the place.

But, we turn round to kick the very same constitution in the teeth by declaring ‘judicial-genocide’ fatwa on our judges because they have given rulings that are highly inconsistent with our delusional and illusionist electioneering campaign lies in 2008. How people could be enjoying freebies of political office but jettison the responsibilities required of them, by way of respect for rule of law, as spelt out in the laws of the land is a dilemma the people of this nation are yet to come to terms with.

Again, there is a Sudanese adage that says: knowledge makes you speak but wisdom makes you listen. But rather sadly, it has erroneously become fashionalble, here in Ghana, for complete empty-heads who have some titles prefix to their names, to go on verbal-rampage as and when they want.

This they do, with the belief that their bigoted followers will always be there to justify their garbage-laden vituperations. Any wonder we have a Law professor as the president but the judiciary is consistently, senselessly and violently being ‘gang-raped’ by executives of his own party (NDC)?
It is for this reason that I was not in the least surprised when Dr.Kwabene Adjei of the NDC held that press conference and engaged in those threats which I would describe as a pure act of hyper-hallucination.

A person who once served as a substantive minister and also in the legislative arm of the state of Ghana. Also, being the chairman of his party, he sits in cabinet where decisions to shape our nation’s fortunes are taken. And such a person is declaring war on the judiciary? Can you imagine the chairman of Obama’s Democratic Party in America engaging in such an act?

I am convinced that Kwabena Adjei’s threat, to possibly, ‘wipe-clean’ the judiciary must not be taken lying-down. And my reason is simply this; when a judgment is pronounced on a given case in a court of competent jurisdiction, the only legitimate way to seek redress, if not satisfied, is through the same law-courts. Therefore, a threat to personally embark on a ‘judicial-genocide’ crusade against some judges by any means possible and that there are “many ways of killing a cat”, must not be taken lightly.

There have been enough discussions on this Mpiani/Tarzan saga. The law simply says a report of a presidential commission cannot be used to prosecute a witness who has appeared before it after the issuance of a government white-paper. The state should have rather referred the audit report to the police and other investigative bodies for action to have been taken. In any case, the Attorney-General has expressed the intension of appealing the case. But the fact is, the NDC has become a hostage of its own illusionary campaign promises.

They trumpeted on campaign plat-forms in 2008 that every single member of the NPP had stolen state funds. So, for them (NDC) to be having rotten-eggs all over their faces following legal pummeling in the law courts, they now find themselves in a dream-land with absolutely nothing to clinch unto. They have therefore decided to engage in their familiar trade of threats and senseless talk.

In the books of Atta Mills, if you are an up-start in every sphere of life and wants to be a deputy minister of state, just smuggle your way into the studio of Radio Gold, pour plain insults on political opponents and other distinguished men and women of our society, for no apparent reason.

Again, we have been ‘blessed’ with critics who have some horrible little ‘demons’ resting on their shoulders and whispering doubts into their ears all the time and therefore see nothing good in whatever their perceived ‘enemies’ do.

These individuals often happen to be people who, in their lives, have not achieved anything except professionalism in obsequiousness and aggressive hero worshiping. This new breed of shameless sycophants can literally crawl on broken bottles just to touch the hem of their heroes’ garments. It is a very sad development to see the youth of NDC, also engaging in such a destructive habit.

A classic example of this new breed of people is Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa. This individual, has gained an amazing level of notoriety in this area of endeavour and any member of our society who doesn’t think along the lines of this juvenile, literally becomes a chewing-stick and target of plane insults.

When Asamoah-Boateng and his family were prevented from travelling when no charges had been preferred against them at the time, even some of us who have no knowledge in law came out to say that any charges preferred against them following that incident was surely not going to fly.

Again, I said seizing one’s passport without a warrant is completely unlawful and the person involved has every right to retrieve it back with force if necessary. But, Samuel Okudzato-Ablakwa came to say that the passport is a state property and that it can be withdrawn without any prior notification.

He also said the State got the hint of Asamoah-Boateng’s travel plan at a late hour and there was absolutely nothing wrong in confronting them at the airport. But at the end of the day, all those pronouncements by Okudzato-Ablakwah could not stand in the face of the law at the appropriate forum.
An article, “National Awards for the Boys and the Guinness Book of Records”, published on page 5 of 27th June, 2008 edition of The Chronicle and authored by Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, is a classic example of this guy’s ingrained abusive disposition.

In the article, he sought to ridicule that year’s National Awards because in his view, the numbers of awardees were too many, and yet, failed to tell us the number that in his warped view would have been good and acceptable to the general populace.

The list must have been long alright, but there was certainly no criminal amongst them. The writer’s assertion that Atta Mills, Alban Bagbin, Kojo Tsikata and Doe Adjaho were included on the list to give it some credibility, can only come from an infantile minded person like him since the ‘angelic’ attributes of these his mentors are well-chronicled.

He went on to praise K.B. Asante for admitting that the whole award appeared devalued, certainly did not surprise me because K.B. Asante would have been a target of abuse by this same person, had his view been contrary to that of Okudzato-Ablakwah.

In effect, the NDC is populated by people who, in their view, everything under the sun is wrong if it does not conform to their blinkered way of assessing issues.

By Justice Abeeku Newton-Offei
E-mail: justnoff@yahoo. com

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