Dede Ayew Speaks On Nadia Romance

Ghanaian international and Olympic Marseille star, Andre Dede Ayew has reacted to rumours making rounds that he is dating the movie-goddess of immaculate beauty, Nadia Buari.

In a telephone conversation our reporter, Fiifi Tackie, Dede expressed his unhappiness about the rumour that has gained so much grounds that he is in love relationship with the ex. Girlfriend of Michael Essien, Nadia Buari. “All I know is that a blatant fabrication, and I don’t know how it started and who started it.”

Unhappy Dede Ayew who scored for Marseille over the weekend, said. It sounds incredible but the talk is spreading fast and though it was first put out by, a number of entertainment programs and talk shows have joined the chorus and they are all attributing the story to an unnamed source close to the Buari family.

Nadia, in an earlier interview with New-One, was rather slippery on the subject of marriage. “I want to establish myself well before I get married. Before you become somebody’s wife you must have your own life. I have to work so hard to get to this pont of my life and I am going to continue because I don’t think I have achieved enough or what I want to achieve.

Marriage kind of pulls you down. It demands a lot and I am not willing to relax, I want to work harder and get somewhere. I will get married but not any time soon. Probably couple of years, I am not sure. But anyway, hey! You never know. I may say this now but tomorrow may come with something different.”

Nadia told NEWS-One in that interview at Akosombo. In that interview, Nadia explained that though her fans would want to know what is going on in her life, the media should be cautious and respect her privacy, saying she considers matters concerning her relationship private.

“I feel that part of me is very personal, very private so it should stay that way. What I am bringing to the public is the movies. It is what I am doing, my career is my job. That is what we should be talking about. I don’t like to talk about my private life and so I don’t want my private life out there. “I am extremely quiet because I am a very shy person. You will never know the kind of person I am”, she noted


  1. Nadia, you’ve not prove any point to me.Do you actually like footballers?………….Have you met DEDE before?………I hate to hear you mention the word private,private,private when serious matters like this crop up.We need tangible answer …… THANKS.

  2. Nadia, if you are star, you can never hide a part of you and call it private. I dont watch your movies though.

  3. Dede Ayew,i think u should forget what people says since they are not true.just concentrate.we are proud of you

  4. Shaibou A. NOMBRE

    Be careful Dede Ayew, Your father did’nt do that.Follow the footsteps of ur father if u want ur name to last on soccer history

  5. she is too old dede ayew……………………..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa………

  6. Nadia, a word of advise – U don’t need to establish yourself well be4 marriage. U rather marry and adjust to stay and become compartible with your spouse.

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