Romance in wrong hands: ‘Where do broken hearts go?’

She came in the night looking so spent. The isolated look in her face said it all; something was amidst. I opened the door and ushered her in. She walked straight into my arms and started crying. I led her gently into the sofa to calm her. When I asked of Jojo she was not ready to discuss him. It was odd because they were so fond of each other. She had never visited alone. The lovebirds dreamt of blissful times ahead with the kids running rout. I was bewildered seeing her in her current state and sat away from her. She looked at my direction; tears ran freely down her face. ‘Will you make love to me’ she muffled through her sobs. I was stunned. I gasped.

I faintly recalled the day we went to Prampram beach months ago. It was her birthday. To mark the occasion Jojo decided to give her a treat by taking her to the beach. He insisted I went along with my car. He wanted to be alone with her. It was ok with me as Meg had invited her friend from the uni. We needed room in my car as well. Meg sat at the front seat and spent the whole time listening to music. Her friend had recently split from her boyfriend I was told. She sat quietly at the back and nodded to the rhythms of the songs. She looked so distraught and sat broodingly throughout the journey. The ride on the Tema motorway was a quick one as there was less traffic. Jojo drove at frightening speed and I struggled to keep up with him.

I was glad when we eventually got to the Prampram. The birthday girl and her man were the toast of the day. There were all over each other as Afia gave Jojo close markings. They caressed each other as they danced to the tunes of Hip Life music blaring from the ghetto blaster. As this entire funfair was agog there was one loner who kept away from the maddening crowd. It was Meg’s friend Grace whose guy became fugitive of love. She walked aimlessly towards the sea and gazed distantly into the sky. In a twinkle of an eye she jumped into the sea. We screamed and raced to her rescue; it was too late. She was swept away by the raging tides into the bowels of the sea. Suicide was the only option; the guy she had grown to adore had eloped with a new lover on Valley View campus. Divers scrambled too late to rescue the distressed soul. Her body was washed ashore late into the evening. It was terrible experience mainly for Afia. She was distressed by the death of Grace. She was in the same state as she sat in my room. Except this time Jojo was not around to comfort her.

Romance between Afia and Jojo was a delightful one. The pair bathed in the cools of the mahogany breezes in the Legon gardens on regular basis. They loved listening to the cooing birds dancing away their times among the leafy trees. Wherever Jojo was Afia was sure to be lurking. She could hardly exist without him. She often coiled her cute frame into his huge arms and buried her head on his hairy chest. Her very existence depended entirely in Jojo’s world; a world he secretly sneaked other ladies into when Afia was not watching. In Afia’s dreams she was the only lady in his man’s life. All other ladies were excluded. Friends knew otherwise and mocked her for her naivety when she jilted a cool bloke for the Casanova.

‘Emaa pe kwasiafou’ (ladies crave for imbeciles). Amon once said. They prefer guys who would crack their emotions and leave them in tatters. He argued. Docile and affable guys are bore; bore; borrrrnn. I don’t agree with Amon though. It’s just a case of – wrong ladies courting wrong guys. The unexpected happened as Jojo moved to a new area around Madina. The distance between him and Afia Konadu created a vacuum which needed to be filled. Filled it was by an entertaining lady Jojo met around his new home. Emefa was not only dazzling but also homely. She washed the dishes, cooked the meals and mopped the floor. She often left the house cleaned as disinfected hospital ward. She was a well groomed humble lady who warmed her way to Jojo’s heart through his tummy.

Afia was shattered and her world came crashing when Jojo broke the news to her. Jojo had not only found new love but was going to be a father soon. The scanned results indicated he was going to be a father of twins in some few months. Afia knew right away her man had slipped through her fingers. The man she has spent her youth loving. She felt empty like an ‘obonu’ drum cracking through corrugated iron sheets in an ancient city.

She wanted vengeance; strike Jojo hard where it hurts for his betrayal. In her wildest dream she opted to sleep with Jojo’s best friend; nothing stings guys more. I was that cherished friend. In fact I was an effective rod for flogging Jojo. A willing rod too as Afia was so irresistible. Her carved pear-shaped figure was so alluring. It was an added bonus to her extreme physical tease. She was slim at the upper division of her body and this sat with ease at her lumpy waist region. She looked rounded and fluffy at the rear. I saw her sparkling shapely beads lying flawlessly on her waist line through her skimpy dress. OMG!

Her sobbing increased in rhythm as she moved closer to me. I felt the softness of her bosom. I was breathless. I pulled her closer as a way of assuring her. She lifted her face gently and placed it into mine. Her action was sensational. Then she delivered the bombshell. I should make love to her. It was pure madness. I had to choose between the loyalty for my friend and the sweetness radiating from her warm bosom. Do it; don’t do it. The voice was ringing. She was divine and blistering. The absence of Meg added to my misery. I had not seen her for the past few weeks. The guy from Germany was in town I was told. She had cheated with the same moron not long ago. Meg had always been unfaithful. The other day it was her ex. By this time Afia was standing topless in front of me. My eyes almost popped out. I could not remain calm any longer as she became hotter. I drew her closer; she obliged. Her lips were fused into mine. Her bosom was on mine and I was loosing it. In the frenzy I regained my sanity; I whispered calmly ‘I can’t make love to you Afia. Jojo is my bosom friend.’

She realised she had failed to get me into bed. The disgrace I guess was too much just like the pain in her heart. She walked hastily into the dark as I waved her good bye. She was so vulnerable; her shadow disappeared into the dark on the lonely road leading to her home broken hearted. ‘Where do broken hearts go?’ I asked again and again. I blamed myself for not taking her home. I would blame myself if any thing happens to her. ‘Would she find her way home’ I always blame myself for not saving the soul of Grace. I sensed her distraught state but Meg brushed it aside. Leaving Afia to walk through the dark alone got me agitated. ‘Would she find her way home?’ I asked repeatedly.
By Francis Kwaku Egu. UK

Email: kwakuhull@yahoo. com

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