Jackie Appiah raped by president’s Son

The next time you see popular actress Jackie Appiah on television or about town in her customized Nissan Muranu car, watch her with a piteous heart. Jackie who has just been crowned the ‘Best Actress in Africa’ has been sexually assaulted by the president’s son.

The gentleman who is the only son of the president raped Jackie ruthlessly, in a night club. His father is using his influence to sweep such a sensitive issue under the carpet like it never happened and thus deny her justice. But she has vowed to seek for justice until her last breath.

Jackie Appiah played this role very well with actor Prince Dave Osei (Ferdinand) who played the president’s son in a new movie titled “The Supremo”. The yet to be released movie, produced by Peace Films is action packed, mixed with love and politics.

It tells the story of a fresh graduate, Cindy (Jackie Appiah), who was caught in a love tangle between ‘Charles Asante’ (John Dumelo) the love of her life and ‘Ferdinand’ (Prince David Osei) who wants her at all cost simply because he is the son of the President (played by popular sound engineer Zapp Mallet).

In an attempt to win the heart of Jackie, who was deeply in love with John Dumelo, Prince Dave did everything possible with his money and influence including killing, but all failed. He decided to take what he wanted by force, so he ended up raping Jackie in a night club assisted by his bodyguards who hijacked the club and sent everybody out.

This resulted in a national legal battle between the presidency and Jackie. Any lawyer who comes to defend Jackie is murdered, but now the last legal brain standing, Lawyer Stella (Roselyn Ngiza) is ready to die to defend Jackie in court.

what happened to lover boy, John Dumelo? Can the lawyer help him imprison the President’s son? How and where will “The Supremo” end up?

The movie is a mouthful of suspense, intrigue and romance. It has audible and straight forward dialogue. “The Supremo” also stars Kalsum Sinare, Juliet Ibrahim, George Williams, Emmanuel Armah, Jane Buckman Owoo, Eunice Banini, Soraya, Gifty Temang and introducing ‘Too Sweet’.

It is the first English movie produced by the Akan film production house, ‘Peace Films’, producers of Agya Koo 419, Galamsey, Ghana Girls, Abodam and other great movies.

The Supremo premiers at the Silver Bird Cinema this Friday April 23, 2010 at exactly 6:30pm and on subsequent days. All stars in the movie will be there for pictures and autographs.

The movie, directed by Ghanaian director Asare Bediako, also has a full Ghanaian crew and cast. It can be compared to most of the Ghanaian movies directed by Nigerians. ‘The Supremo’ is a must-watch movie!!!!!!!

source: Peacefm


  1. jakie was floating around the presidents son all night in the club anyone that was there will tell you, she was writhing all over him,even flashed her quim on the dance floor, does a mouse eat cheese and so a little loving took place and now its rape, I wonder who is looking for a few dollars off who????

  2. Can’t wait 2 caught up with dat movie,coz i love everyting about Ghanian movies.

  3. Richard K Boateng ( New York)

    It must be a good movie, but for once can Ghanaian actors and thier directors as well as producer stop bringing out movie with sex, smoking and drinking habbits, because it is not educating our children who are coming to be the future leaders of the country. They should now that it’s not ojly adults who warches those movies, even the ones written must be 18 years can not be hidden from the kids cause of thie computer knowledge. So please they should polish such movies before they comes out Ghana we are disciplined and we respect our culture. All the moviescoming out now are full of bad habbits but we are not watching those movies just for fun but it educates and advices people how to make their life.

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