So Kwabena Adjei too drives around with both Police and Military escorts?

Wonders, they say, shall never end. Otherwise, how do you justify a situation whereby the NDC, which, when in opposition talked about arrogance and indiscipline by the NPP, had its National Chairman, Dr Kwabena Adjei driving against traffic in complete contravention of traffic rules and regulations as contained in the Ghana Highway Code.

Dr Kwabena Adjei was found on Tuesday night, (5th January, 2009) at about 7.55pm driving against the flow of traffic with the help of both police and military escorts. We were returning from Weija and had been stuck in the traffic for more than one and a half hours.      Then it happened. The sound of a siren was heard. A police dispatch rider appeared on the other side of the road. We were moving from Weija end of the traffic towards the Mallam Junction. The dispatch rider was also moving from Weija to Mallam but decided to be mischievous and use his “koti” power. He instead moved to the Mallam-Weija side of the road by riding against the flow of traffic. In other words, he was moving in the opposite direction, thus causing further confusion on the road.

The police orderly was shouting on top of his voice for users of the road to clear the way for some unidentified undisciplined party guru who was driving on the wrong side of the road. He was followed by another dispatch rider. Then we saw him. It was Dr Kwabena Adjei, no doubt about it.

He was in usual trademark, immaculately dressed with his hat to match. There were three other 4WD besides his own vehicle and all of them were engaged in this “let me show you where power lies” game.
I attempted to get the numbers of some of the vehicles but they were far gone before I could make any meaningful move. At the end of the convoy was a military vehicle full of soldiers, what for, I cannot say. But just like their own Founder said about the use of soldiers during party elections, I believe they are to be used to intimidate the masses, for sure! In a flash, the convoy, travelling with the speed of a sputnik had disappeared leaving those poor “mmoborowas” behind to struggle in the never ending traffic jam.

Money swine, power sweet, God don butter their bread, one might say. Who wouldn’t love to be the chairman of the NDC where everything, including, even the ‘unthinkables’ can happen? And considering the fact that a tsunami awaits Kwabena Adjei come Saturday, 16th January, 2010 when he appears before the judgement seat of the NDC to give account of his stewardship, who wouldn’t make the best of the few thrilling moments before that day?

Considering the fact that President Mills had over flogged the issue of convoys during the NPP’s period, I shudder to the marrow when I think of the fact that the national chairman of a ruling party could cruise around with 4 vehicles, two dispatch riders and a truck full of military men! Have they forgotten that Hannah Bissiw unilaterally and arrogantly imposed a fine on Nana Ohene Ntow, NPP General Secretary for using his bungalow for what she described as a “kenkey and Shito” making factory?

What worries me is the act of wanton display of bravado, thuggery and indiscipline exhibited by the chairman of a ruling party at a time we all are complaining about indiscipline on our roads. Is driving against the traffic not an offence in Ghana? Why should the police arrest poor, innocent drivers who break minor traffic regulations but be partaker in major traffic offences like driving against the flow of traffic? And they were doing so with glee, daring any bloody civilian to challenge them if they had the guts! Is Dr Kwabena Adjei above the laws of this country? Do we have separate laws, – one for the poor and one for the “untouchables” in the country? What would have happened if an accident had occurred as a result of their act of “indiscretion” (with special apologies to the President?)
If NDC claims to be a party of the masses, what prevents the chairman from enduring the pains we all go through in our daily activities to try and eke a living for ourselves?

That is what we all endure when we pursue our ‘noko fio’ on daily basis, and if Kwabena Adjei claims he is one of us, he should be seen to be sharing our problems with us and give us a shoulder to lean on.
Rawlings, during the 1979 elections was told to jump the queue and cast his vote. He chose to remain in the queue and waited for his turn. Why couldn’t Kwabena Adjei emulate his leader and founder?

Those who want to lead must first learn how to serve.
Fellow Ghanaians, Not all that glitters is gold. Empty barrels make the loudest noise but still water runs deep. The fact that the deity is kind does not mean it can be appeased with ordinary water. Finally, it is not an understatement that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones.

The NDC has proved itself to be the worst party to bestride this narrow political corridor of power. It preaches virtue whilst its top gurus practise vice. It is in this light that I enjoin fellow patriotic Ghanaians not to adopt a “siddon look” but to “shine their eyes” and vote out these political masquerades from power when the opportunity is presented them, come 2012.
Since our God-Father is not dead but alive, I shall surely return.

Daniel Danquah Damptey
E-MAIL: – danieldanquah_damptey@ yahoo com

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